The Non-Verbal Communication Course

Learn persuasive non-verbal communication skills that encourage others to do things you need them to do.

Non-Verbal Communication Training Course


It’s been said that it’s not what you say, but how you say it that matters. And how you say things is not just about your vocal qualities but also your body language, facial expressions, hand gestures and use of space. Whether it’s networking, sales, delivering presentations, or managing projects, your body language, tone, dress, and expressions can have a significant impact on how you are perceived (whether you like it or not). This non-verbal communication course teaches you the fundamentals on how to create the right perception with your non-verbal communication.

This course is designed to introduce you to the principles of persuasive non-verbal communication so you can use body language, facial expression and vocal cues to persuade others. We will teach you how to; identify persuasive body language and gestures, how to make a great first impression, how to create the visual and audible perception you want, how to use your body and voice to create a connection with someone else.

How Long Is It?

One session; 4-hours;

Group Training Limit

Maximum of 25 people per group

How Much Is It?

$345 USD per person

What’s included?
  • Persuasive non-verbal communication seminar delivered by a certified adult educator with 15 years of sales and/or procurement experience
  • Non-verbal communication planning templates and checklists

Who Should Take This Course?

  • Executives, managers, and high-potential leaders from a range of functional areas such as sales, marketing, procurement, project management, and operations
  • Experienced business-owners, entrepreneurs, and franchise owners
  • Professionals involved in complex stakeholder relations
  • Professionals involved in mergers and acquisitions

Learning Outcomes

Upon completing this program, you will be able to:

  • Understand how non-verbal communication affects communication and persuasion;
  • Identify, select, and use several non-verbal communication techniques and practices that make your more persuasive;
  • Develop better interpersonal skills to use in your professional life;
  • Manage concessions and reduce the need to give more away than you should;
  • Distinguish and express the tactical and behavioral skills required to enhance value, extract value, and negotiate confidently


In the training, we focus on the development of key skills related to building persuasive non-verbal communication where we will cover:

  • What is Non-Verbal Communication?
  • Persuasive Body Language and Hand Gestures
  • Dressing Persuasively for Your Audience
  • How to Identify and Use Persuasive Facial Expressions
  • How to Develop Persuasive Vocal Dynamics
  • Personal Space Awareness
Testimonials for Non-verbal Communication Training

“Mark gave us tools around non-verbal communication that we could use to get alignment internally.”

— Michael Kaeding, PEng