The Persuasion and Influence Course

Learn the persuasion and influence principles that will improve the probability that people will do things that you want them to do.

Persuasive Speaking and Influence Training Course


Imagine if you could influence and persuade someone to do something that benefitted both them and you instead of just “telling” them to do it and hoping that they will. Our ability to influence and persuade others is essential to our success in the workplace. Whether you need to convince someone to take on a project, encourage someone perform a task, or get someone to sign an agreement, the strength of your persuasive powers improve the probability that they will do what you have persuaded them to do.

This persuasion and influence course will teach you a centuries old framework for persuasion and influence, that when applied today still generates incredible results.

How Long Is It?

One session; 4-hours;

Group Training Limit

Maximum of 25 people per group

How Much Is It?

$345 USD per person

Technology Requirements

(for Virtual Course Only)

  • Zoom (for virtual presentation)
  • WhatsApp (for collaboration)

What’s included?
  • Influence and Persuasion seminar delivered by a certified adult educator with 15 years of sales and/or procurement experience
  • Influence and persuasion planning templates and checklists

Course Schedule

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Mar 24th, 2023
  • Online Video
  • 1 day / 4hrs total
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Who Should Take This Course?

  • Executives, managers, and high-potential leaders from a range of functional areas such as sales, marketing, procurement, project management, and operations
  • Experienced business-owners, entrepreneurs, and franchise owners
  • Professionals involved in complex stakeholder relations
  • Professionals involved in mergers and acquisitions

Learning Outcomes

Upon completing this program, you will be able to:

  • Understand what influence and persuasion is;
  • Understand the centuries old framework for influence and persuasion
  • Broadly understand how to listen and communicate during conflict;
  • Identify the components required to ensure consistent influence and persuasion;
  • Make use of the several effective influence and persuasion techniques;
  • Question your own emotions and whether you have been influenced or persuaded;
  • Judge your own decision quality


In the training, we focus on the development of key skills related to building influence and persuasion skills where we will cover:

  • What is Influence and Persuasion?
  • Aristotle’s influence and Persuasion Framework
  • How Can I Create Influence and Persuasion?
  • How Can I Defend Against Influence and Persuasion?
  • What Are Biases and Heuristics?
  • What Are Common Biases that Affect Decision Quality?

“Highly, highly recommend Mark and his approach to negotiations.”

“My team and I had the pleasure to sit with Mark Raffan today and learn – refresh our negotiations strategy, techniques and tactics. What a great session – better applicability than honestly any session I’ve participated in before. Highly, highly recommend Mark and his approach to negotiations. Well done!!!”

— Greg Tennyson, Chief Procurement Officer at VSP Global