The Procurement-for-Sales Course

Understand how procurement people and departments think with this course on the discipline of procurement.

Course Description


Procurement… even the name, for salespeople, strikes us with feelings of anxiety. Will they be involved? What do they want? How do they think? Why do I have to deal with them? So many B2B salespeople struggle with the procurement department and procurement people because they do not know what they do and they do not understand them. But what if you could understand them?

This course is designed to help salespeople learn more about procurement, how they think, how their departments are structured, and how their decisions are made. Salespeople about the myths that often plague the relationship between procurement and sales and how to navigate that relationship. You will learn which questions to ask and what procurement actually thinks of you.

In the complex B2B sales, understanding procurement becomes essential to learning how to navigate a deal to completion and securing a sale. Without understanding procurement, you are opening yourself up to the unknown and a potentially very difficult and tension filled relationship.

How Long Is It?

2 Hours per day over 3 days (consecutive)

Group Training Limit

Maximum of 25 people per group

How Much Is It?

$495 USD per person

What’s included?
  • Procurement-for-Sales seminar delivered by a certified adult educator with 15 years of sales and/or procurement experience
  • Procurement planning templates and checklists

Who Should Take This Course?

  • Executives, managers, and high-potential leaders from a range of functional areas such as sales, project management, and operations
  • Experienced business-owners, entrepreneurs, and franchise owners

Learning Outcomes

Upon completing this program, you will be able to:

  • Describe procurement departments and the roles contained within them;
  • Understand the common myths about procurement and conversely the truths;
  • Understand procurement structure and procurement processes;
  • List the questions required to uncover more information about procurement and their potential level of involvement in your deal;
  • Understand category strategy and the key features you my be evaluated on for your RFP submission.


In the training, we focus on teaching salespeople about procurement so that salespeople can get a deeper understanding the structure, politics and psychology. We will cover:

  • What is procurement?
  • Common myths about procurement
  • Procurement structure and process
  • How procurement thinks of themselves
  • Discovery questions to help understand procurement’s role
  • How to set up a successful meeting
  • What is category management and profiling?
  • How procurement think of you
  • RFx strategy

“…he and the content were engaging and tailored to our industry.”

“Mark delivered an amazing full day of negotiations training to our sales team and provided real, actionable systems and tools that we could implement immediately in our sales and negotiations practices. Both he and the content were engaging and tailored to our industry. The care and attention he placed to crafting the training to our needs was very evident.“

— Steve Bromley, VP Industrial Rail at Cando Rail Services