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Experts in Negotiation, Persuasion, and Conflict Resolution.

Negotiations Ninja has brought together a team of leading experts in negotiation, persuasion, influence, and conflict resolution to ensure that it develops and delivers the most engaging training available. Learn more about Negotiations Ninja by talking with our team and experience what so many leading brands have already experienced.

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Extensive Field Experience


All of our trainers have at-least 15 years of sales, procurement, conflict management, or high level negotiation experience to draw on. This is incredibly important as it allows our trainers to relate and speak to the real needs of the participants taking our training.

C-Suite Negotiations Experts


All of our trainers have been tested at the highest levels of the corporate world and deliver c-suite level advisory services to those leaders who need a special operations team to step in and be the guiding coach in the background of discussions.

Variety of Experience


We employ trainers with sales, procurement, hostage negotiation, human resources, and crisis negotiation backgrounds. This variety ensures that we can speak to a wide array of audiences when it comes to anything negotiation, persuasion, influence, and conflict resolution.


Meet Mark.

Our founder, Mark, is an award winning negotiation trainer, speaker, podcast host, well-known negotiation expert, and entrepreneur.

Mark was born into a family of entrepreneurs and always felt most at home when selling, negotiating, and managing conflict.

Prior to Negotiations Ninja, Mark worked his way up in the corporate world through sales and procurement roles getting exposed to a number of different industries. But, the lure of entrepreneurship and the need to evangelize good negotiation practices became too great for Mark to ignore and he decided to start a blog and podcast to evangelize great negotiation practices. The Negotiations Ninja blog and podcast was born.

It quickly began attracting readers and listeners from across the globe, and soon people began to reach out to Mark to provide training. The inbound requests became so great, that Mark could no longer ignore these requests and he decided to leave the corporate world to pursue the development of Negotiations Ninja full time.

Negotiations Ninja quickly gained notoriety, grew very quickly and has subsequently delivered training to some of the largest companies in the world  on most major geographies, including; North America, Central America, Europe, Asia, and Africa


“I’m very fortunate to live and breathe negotiation and I’m likely a bit odd because I believe that good negotiation skills truly have the ability to change people’s lives.”

— Mark Raffan, CEO of Negotiations Ninja

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Negotiation expert

We are Recognized as Procurement and Negotiation Experts

We’ve been featured in multiple leading publications as experts in procurement and negotiation. One of our biggest goals is to evangelize good negotiation, persuasion, influence, and conflict resolution practices. We do this through our leading podcast, but also through the interviews we take for other publications and podcasts. Our philosophy as that everyone gets better through education. We give our secrets freely to other publications to try help others level up their negotiation skills and knowledge. We truly believe that the more you read and put into practice, the better you will become at negotiation. And we believe that the development of good negotiation skills can change people’s lives. That’s why we do what we do. And that’s why we freely share our information with so many others.

What Makes our Training Unique


or Virtual

If you have a centralized team, our trainers will travel to your location to deliver our training. Alternatively, if you have a distributed team, our training can be delivered virtually in a Microsoft Teams or Zoom environment. If you are an individual or part of a smaller team, you can join our open-enrollment training format where we invite people from a number of different companies to come to our training locations in major city centres to receive training. This type of training is also available virtually in a Zoom environment.


Reality Focused

We do not talk in theoretical platitudes and pontificate about theory. Our training is reality focused. We provide practical, actionable and applicable training that drives straight to the core of what it takes to become a better negotiator. We tend to shy away from academic type discussions and favor the “boots-on-the-ground” strategies and tactics that deliver real results. You can be assured that when taking our training, you’re getting field-tested negotiation, persuasion, influence and conflict resolution strategies that dramatically improve the probability of success.


Highly Interactive

If you’re expecting to come to our training and “just listen” to someone lecture about negotiation, persuasion, influence, or conflict resolution for a few hours, our training is probably not the training for you. Our programs are designed to get you involved early and keep you involved through exercises, role-plays, discussion and interactive facilitation. It’s not enough in negotiation to “know” the material. You must practice it in order to improve your skills. Without having interactive training, negotiation, persuasion, influence, and conflict resolution instruction is neutered in its ability to deliver results.

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We Provide the Most Engaging Negotiation Training in the World.

Some of our clients include:

Our training has been field-tested by some of the largest and most influential companies in the world. We’re proud of our relationships with these amazing organizations, but more importantly, we’re proud of the results that their people have achieved after taking our training. It’s not uncommon for us to receive immediate feedback in our training of a strategy that was applied overnight and results were achieved the next day. Our training has helped to save and make millions of dollars for hundreds of organizations. Its helped to reduce risk and has positively impacted workplace productivity by teaching people how to address and resolve conflict.

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“Highly, highly recommend Mark and his approach to negotiations.”

“My team and I had the pleasure to sit with Mark Raffan today and learn – refresh our negotiations strategy, techniques and tactics. What a great session – better applicability than honestly any session I’ve participated in before. Highly, highly recommend Mark and his approach to negotiations. Well done!!!”

— Greg Tennyson, Chief Procurement Officer at VSP Global