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Why You Must “Dare to Care” with David Perry, Ep #344

David Perry is a sales and business development expert and the author of the book “The Game of Sales.” David wanted to share everything he learned from working with Adobe, Amazon, Google, and IBM and arm readers to overcome the “inner game” they face when they negotiate. A lot of someone’s success comes down to the concept “Dare to care.” Caring is a quality that top salespeople have. Many books only focus...

Negotiating with Dutch People Michael Van Keulen

Negotiating with Dutch People per Michael Van Keulen, Ep #343

How do you negotiate with people from different cultures? How do you negotiate with people from the Netherlands? To kick off a series about negotiating with cultures from around the world, I’m chatting with Michael Van Keulen (MVK), the Chief Procurement Officer at Coupa Software. We’re focusing on negotiating with Dutch people. Listen to this episode of Negotiations Ninja to learn the steps you can take to negotiate the right way with...


How to Happily Exit Your Business, Throwback with John Warrilow, Ep #342

How do you exit your business successfully? How do you build a business that gets you the multiple that you deserve? John Warrilow is a sought-after business expert, known for his proven methodology, “The Value Builder System™,” which he created to help entrepreneurs build businesses worth buying. In this throwback episode of Negotiations Ninja, John shares some strategies to help you build and exit your business the way you want!...

Adjust Your Mindset with Melissa Fortunato

Adjust Your Mindset to Succeed in Negotiation with Melissa Fortunato, Ep #341

How do you adjust your mindset before a negotiation? Why is it important to step outside your comfort zone? Why is a connection in a negotiation everything? Melissa Fortunato retired from the FBI after 23 years. She spent her career as a crisis hostage negotiator and did undercover work. Now, she offers negotiation and conflict resolution training. We talk about learning to adjust your mindset when you get uncomfortable in this...


Negotiate Better Salaries: A Throwback with Victoria Pynchon, Ep #340

Victoria Pynchon is the founder and chief negotiator at “She Negotiates,” a consulting company that helps women negotiate better salaries. Sadly, Victoria sees a lot of women (and men) make mistakes because they forge ahead too quickly, lured by the promise of stock options. During the pandemic, startups had ample funding. They started recruiting from big-name brands with the promise of stock options. But the salaries they offered were often...

Lousin Mehrabi navigating adversity

Using Negotiation Skills to Navigate Adversity with Lousin Mehrabi, Ep #339

Everyone has faced adversity at some point in their life, especially in recent years with the Covid pandemic. But we all handle adversity differently. Lousin Mehrabi found herself faced with unimaginable adversity: Her six-year-old son was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). DMD is an incurable genetic disorder characterized by progressive muscle degeneration and is life-limiting. Lousin was faced with a choice: How was she going to face this news? In this...


Master Sales with Marty Park, Throwback Ep #338

How do you take your business to the next level? How do you master the art of sales? What mistakes should you avoid making? Most entrepreneurs are geniuses and masters of their craft—but struggle with sales. Marty Park has founded 13 successful businesses in seven different industries. Now, with over 16,000 hours of business coaching experience, he’s one of the best people to turn to when you need to boost...


Navigating Conflict at Scale with Gary Noesner, Ep #337

Gary Noesner ended his 30-year tenure with the FBI as the Chief Hostage Negotiator. He managed 350 FBI negotiators around the country and 10 supervisory negotiators. He responded operationally, provided instruction to agencies, and researched crisis and conflict resolution. Gary dealt with hijackings, right-wing militia standoffs, prison riots, the Waco siege, and much more. He worked on a lot of high-profile cases. Gary dealt with numerous large-scale conflicts throughout his...


Learn to Become Confident Negotiators, Throwback with Sara Laschever, Ep #336

Sara Laschever co-wrote “Ask For It: How Women Can Use Negotiation to Get What They Really Want” with Linda Babcock. Their goal was straightforward: To help women negotiate for themselves. Most women excel at negotiating for others (their clients, their kids, their coworkers, etc.) but struggle to ask for what they deserve. In this episode of Negotiations Ninja, Sara explains why this is a systemic issue and walks through what women...

Joana Matos Cultural Context

Cultural Context in Negotiation with Joana Matos, Ep #335

How does culture impact negotiations? Why does culture matter? Why should you care? Joana Matos—a negotiation trainer, consultant, and guest lecturer at Reykjavík University—was born in Portugal and has lived in Iceland for over a decade. In this episode of Negotiations Ninja, she shares some of the cultural differences she’s learned and why understanding someone’s cultural context is important. (more…)