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How Lawyers can Become Better Negotiators, Throwback with Dr. Claudia Winkler, Ep #318

Dr. Claudia Winkler has a Master of Law from Harvard Law and a Doctorate of Law (in European Union Law) from Johannes Kepler Universität Linz. She leverages her degrees and experience to help lawyers become better negotiators. She strives to help them hone their skills, manage their emotions, and negotiate effectively. She shares what that looks like in this throwback edition of the Negotiations Ninja podcast.  (more…)

Navigating Crisis Negotiations with Empathy

Navigating Crisis Negotiations with Empathy with Dr. Andy Young, Ep #317

How does crisis negotiation actually work? Dr. Andy Young has both trained and engaged in crisis negotiation for over 20 years. A common thread among these scenarios is the necessity of employing empathy for the counterparty regardless of what they’ve done. He explains why empathy in the face of crises is so impactful in this episode of Negotiations Ninja! (more…)


How to Rethink Your Approach to Negotiations (Throwback with Keld Jensen), Ep #316

Are you approaching negotiations from a rigid viewpoint? Are you applying a zero-sum mindset where there can only be one winner? In this throwback episode of Negotiations Ninja, Keld Jensen shares why it’s time to rethink your approach to negotiations—starting by rebuilding negotiation training. His outside-the-box approach will help you approach negotiation with a different lens, providing more value than you thought possible.


How to Avoid Errors in the “Scope of Work” Clause per Jeanette Nyden, Ep #315

“Scope of work” clauses may not be complex, but they are often misunderstood in a contract. It’s where I see the most mistakes and opportunities for future conflict. That’s why Jeanette Nyden is back! In this episode of Negotiations Ninja we talk about how to negotiate scopes of work correctly, the common screw-ups that we see, AND what to do about them. Don’t miss it! Disclaimer: I am not a...


Why Storytelling is a Powerful Negotiation Tool According to Josh Weiss, Ep #314

Why is storytelling a powerful negotiation tool? Stories are powerful because they’re how humans communicate. Stories are memorable and drive home concepts that can be otherwise difficult to understand. Stories can make real-world applications seem tangible and make a buyer interested in a solution. So in this throwback edition of Negotiations Ninja, we revisit why storytelling is a powerful negotiation tool that must be in your arsenal. Don’t miss it!...


How Startup TNT is Positively Impacting Both Investors and Founders (Zack Storms), Ep #313

Zack Storms runs a non-profit called Startup TNT, a community that works with local angel groups, early-stage VC funds, and seed funds to educate potential investors. They teach entrepreneurs how to raise money and how to be better entrepreneurs overall. In this episode of Negotiations Ninja, we have a great conversation about Startup TNT, what they do, and how they’re bridging the gap between investors and founders. (more…)


The Return of the Negotiation Myth-Busters (Throwback), Ep #312 

Dan Oblinger and Allan Tsang are the masters of busting negotiation myths. In this special throwback episode of Negotiations Ninja, they do just that. The negotiation myth-busters cover everything from negotiation pet peeves to role-playing, strategies, tactics, and mindsets. They drive home important negotiation concepts in a fun and light-hearted manner that everyone can enjoy. Check it out!  (more…)


How to Use Framing in Negotiations with Joel Trachtman, Ep #311

What is framing? How do you use framing in negotiations? How do you use framing to win arguments? In this episode of Negotiations Ninja, Joel Trachtman joins us to methodically dissect the topic. Joel Trachtman is a Law Professor, who practiced for 9 years on Wall Street before shifting to teaching international law for the last 30+ years. He wrote the book, “The Tools of Argument: How the Best Lawyers...


Bridging the Gap Between Procurement and Sales with John Barrows, Ep #310

How do we begin to alter the animosity that can exist between procurement and sales? How do we begin to facilitate open dialogue? John Barrows believes that it’s time to address the elephant in the room. It’s time to change the conversation. Changing the narrative begins with having simple, genuine conversations. Learn what you can do to bridge the gap in this throwback episode of the Negotiations Ninja podcast! (more…)


Leveraging the Science of Social Proof in Negotiation with David Hoffeld, Ep #309

David Hoffeld is the CEO and Chief Sales Trainer at the Hoffeld Group. They conduct research across social psychology, cognitive psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral economics and apply it to selling and negotiating. What has science proven regarding how our brains work? How do you apply that to how you sell? It provides instant clarity and helps you reach success. Leveraging science makes you predictably more effective. Learn all about leveraging the...