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Listen to the worlds leading experts reveal their negotiation, persuasion, influence, communication and conflict resolution secrets. We talk with leaders from sales, procurement, hostage negotiations, M&A, and crisis negotiations to get their unique negotiation insights.

Emotional vs. Logical Commitments, Throwback with Svitlana Kalitsun, Ep #438

When it comes to tense emotional situations, getting a commitment from the counterparty can be tough. We know that a commitment usually leads to positive outcomes. So how do we leverage emotion to help people make logical commitments? Svitlana Kalitsun—a Ukrainian negotiation expert and lawyer—shares her thought-process in this throwback episode of Negotiations Ninja.  (more…)

Nn 437 william ury

Lessons Learned from a Failed Negotiation with William Ury, Ep #437 

William Ury is one of the most well-known—and experienced—names in the field of mediation and negotiation. He’s worked around the globe in every circumstance imaginable. In this episode of Negotiations Ninja, we talk about what he’s learned throughout his storied career, including what he’s learned from the failures. (more…)


Communicating through Disagreements, Throwback with Debra Roberts, Ep #436

If a conversation with an employee has become a disagreement and you can’t seem to work through it, what do you do? Communicating through disagreements is tricky. Where do you start? According to Debra Roberts, you need to get to the root of the issue by listening. Only then can you determine next steps. Learn her framework in this throwback episode of Negotiations Ninja. (more…)

Nn 435 mario martinez

How Mario Martinez Negotiated a $46 Million Deal, Ep #435

Mario Martinez—the CEO of Vengreso and the host of the Modern Selling podcast—negotiated a 46-million-dollar deal when he worked for Sprint. How did he do it? Mario shares how he put everything on the line to make this deal a reality in this episode of Negotiations Ninja. (more…)


Is Empathy the Key to Successful Crisis Negotiation? Throwback with Dr. Andy Young, Ep #434

Dr. Andy Young has over 20 years of experience in crisis negotiation. While every scenario he encounters dictates a different approach, there’s one underlying theme: empathy. Developing true empathy for the other party—though exceedingly difficult—can sometimes mean the difference between success and failure. Dr. Young shares more in this throwback episode of Negotiations Ninja.  (more…)

Nn 433 keld jensen

Are You an Unconsciously Incompetent Negotiator? Keld Jensen Weighs In, Ep #433 

Why are most negotiators unconsciously incompetent? Keld lives and breathes negotiation. He’s been negotiating since 1998. Before that, he was the CEO of a tech company. He thought he was a great negotiator but realized he was unconsciously incompetent. It was a terrible realization. What you choose to do when you’re hit with the realization dictates whether or not you’ll become a competent negotiator. Learn more in this intriguing episode...


Jeanette Nyden Uncomplicates Scope of Work, Throwback, Ep #432

Scope of work clauses aren’t technically complex or complicated. But they’re where people repeatedly make mistakes. Jeanette starts by making sure the business objective is clear, creates good acceptance criteria, gathers the right KPIs and SLAs, and collaborates with her counterparts. Jeanette uncomplicates scope of work clauses in this throwback episode of Negotiations Ninja.

Nn 431 justin michael

Anchoring in High-Stakes Negotiations with Justin Michael, Ep #431

Why should you utilize anchoring? How do you anchor a deal? How early in the negotiation should you do it? After 20+ years in sales—and extensive research on neurolinguistic science, Natural Language Programming (NLP), game theory, social dynamics, behavioral psychology, and anything to do with human behavior—Justin Michael has a handle on anchoring. He shares the lessons he learned from closing high-stakes deals in this episode of Negotiations Ninja. (more…)


How to Argue Precedent in Negotiations, Throwback with Joel Trachtman, Ep #430

Have you ever heard a counterpart say, “This is how we’ve always done it” when they don’t want to make a change? How can you help them move beyond their argument to see the potential of your solution? Help them see the “precedent” or characteristics from past positive outcomes that will be the same for them. Learn how to do just that in this throwback episode of Negotiations Ninja with...

buying a vineyard

Buying a Vineyard: Negotiating the Intangibles, Ep #429

How do you negotiate the purchase of a vineyard or winery? What intangibles do you need to consider? According to James Cluer, vineyards hold different values to different people depending on different things. What makes James qualified to address this unique subject? (more…)