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Listen to the worlds leading experts reveal their negotiation, persuasion, influence, communication and conflict resolution secrets. We talk with leaders from sales, procurement, hostage negotiations, M&A, and crisis negotiations to get their unique negotiation insights.

Dr. josh weiss infinite game in negotiation

The Infinite Game in Negotiation with Dr. Josh Weiss, Ep #363

When people think of negotiation—especially in Western cultures—they often think in finite terms. In a finite game, the rules are fixed until there’s a winner. In an infinite game, the rules change during play. It’s done so to bring as many people as possible into the play. The purpose of the infinite game is that things aren’t just about transactions or deals but revolve around a higher purpose. How does...


The Limitation of Liability Clause Simplified, Throwback with Jeanette Nyden, Ep #362

Why does the limitation of liability clause exist? How does it work? Is there a way you can simplify the process of building it out in the negotiation? Contract and negotiation expert Jeanette Nyden shares her extensive knowledge of limitation of liability clauses in this throwback episode of the Negotiations Ninja podcast! (more…)

BATNA with George Seidel

Why Your BATNA is the Key to Negotiation Planning with George Siedel, Ep #361

George Siedel—a Professor at the University of Michigan—wrote a great book called, “Negotiating for Success: Essential Strategies and Skills,” in which he shares the importance of planning. He believes so strongly in planning that he gives away numerous negotiation planning tools for free. In this episode of Negotiations Ninja, we cover planning in negotiation, the 4th and 5th key numbers for financial consideration, and how to understand and consider life goals...


Ask and You’ll Receive, Throwback with Jean-Nicolas Reyt, Ep #360

Jean-Nicolas Reyt—a negotiation professor at McGill University—teaches his students a simple and practical way to negotiate: Ask and you’ll receive. If you don’t ask, you won’t get what you want. But why do so many students struggle to ask? Why do they decide they’re satisfied with a subpar deal? Jean-Nicolas dissects the phenomenon of compliance in this throwback episode of Negotiations Ninja. (more…)

the cost of not listening Christine Miles

The Cost of Not Listening in Negotiation with Christine Miles, Ep #359

What does it cost people and organizations not to listen? Are you solving the wrong problems? Or worse, are you losing relationships, customers, and potential opportunities? The cost of not listening could cripple you and your organization. Christine Miles joins me in this episode of Negotiations Ninja to address that very problem. Christine Miles is the founder and CEO of EQuipt, a “Training and consulting company that helps organizations grow sales,...


The End Result of Negotiating, Throwback with Jean-Nicolas Reyt, Ep #358

Why do young people hesitate to negotiate? They need to be able to advocate for themselves, yet many hesitate to speak up. Jean-Nicolas Reyt, an assistant professor of organizational behavior at McGill University, is passionate about helping students become assertive. He teaches that the end result of negotiating is almost always better than not trying. Jean-Nicolas is chock full of advice that everyone can use to become better negotiators.  (more…)


Relationship-Building Might Just be the Key to Successful Negotiations per Romina Muhametaj, Ep #357

How important is relationship-building in negotiations? Can you have a relationship yet still be direct without negatively impacting said relationship? Romina Muhametaj—A Sales Manager and Consultant—believes that relationship-building is the key to moving one’s career forward and closing more sales. She shares why in this episode of Negotiations Ninja! (more…)


Be Ready, Relatable, and Reasonable in Negotiation (Throwback with Lynn Price) Ep #356

When you approach a negotiation, you need to be ready, relatable, and reasonable. You have to be ready—do your research so that nothing surprises you. People help people they like, so it helps if you’re relatable. Lastly, you need to focus on finding solutions and be reasonable. Lynn Price believes that if you focus on being ready, relatable, and reasonable, you’ll see far more successful negotiations. She goes into detail...

The Introvert’s Edge = Processes with Matthew Pollard

The Introvert’s Edge = Processes with Matthew Pollard, Ep #355

Matthew Pollard wrote “The Introvert’s Edge” to help the average introvert learn that their path to success will look different than an extrovert’s. Systems and processes will allow introverts to succeed, excel, and dominate their market. Introverts can only do so well “winging it.” In this episode of Negotiations Ninja, Matthew shares that when you focus on methodology and consistency, you end up the best in the business. Matthew jokes...


The Dos and Don’ts of Negotiating with Narcissists, Throwback with Rebecca Zung, Ep #354

Did you know that 1% of the population could be diagnosed as a narcissist? We’ve all likely interacted with someone who we’d classify as a narcissist. But what do you do when you’re forced to negotiate with a narcissist? Should you change your negotiation strategy? According to Rebecca Zung—one of the Top 1% of attorneys in the nation—the answer is a resounding yes. She shares how to navigate negotiating with...