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How to Appear More Trustworthy through Nonverbal Communication, Throwback with Dr. Abbie Maroño, Ep #446

According to Dr. Abbie Maroño, someone judges whether or not they can trust you within 33 milliseconds of meeting you. Once they’ve made their observation, they’ll spend every interaction looking for cues to confirm what they felt (correct or not). So how do you convey trustworthiness? Through nonverbal communication. Dr. Abbie Maroño shares her #1 starting place for appearing more trustworthy through nonverbal communication in this fascinating throwback episode of...

Take command of your mindset

Take Command of Your Mindset with Joe Hart, Ep #445

Dale Carnegie is a global training organization with 200 operations in 86 countries. Its instructors teach the Dale Carnegie course following the model he developed over 100 years ago. Joe Hart took the course as a young lawyer, and it changed the trajectory of his life. He left law and went into business, and the course helped him see a different vision for his future. Joe and Michael Cromm wrote...


What is Your Style Under Stress? Throwback with Joseph Grenny, Ep #444

How do you handle stressful conversations? Do you know how you’re likely to react? Do you default to being aggressive or combative? It’s crucial that you understand how you react—i.e. your “style under stress”— in tense situations to change how you show up in the moment. Navigating these conversations is Joseph Grenny’s specialty. He shares where to get started in this throwback episode of Negotiations Ninja.  (more…)

Nn 443 andreas winheller

The Right Way to Negotiate with Andreas Winheller, Ep #443

Is there one right way to negotiate? Is one methodology superior to the other? For the last 30+ years, “Getting to Yes” was the book on negotiation. More recently, “Never Split the Difference” has become the book on negotiation. The vast majority of people read the top-selling book(s) in a category and think they’re fully educated. That’s just impossible. In this episode of Negotiations Ninja, Andreas Winheller, a negotiation consultant and trainer, shares why no one way is...


The Key to Negotiating with Different Cultures with Eliane Karsaklian, Ep #442

Every culture has different foundational beliefs. We may recognize the same brands and use the same products worldwide but we behave far differently. Eliane Karsaklian learned this firsthand from living in different countries. In this throwback episode, she shares how negotiating with different cultures has to start with a mindset shift. The best way to see success is through working with an expert in that culture. She shares why that’s...

Nn 441 matthew dicks

How to Gather Stories with Matthew Dicks, Ep #441

How do you find the right stories to tell? Matthew Dicks is a phenomenal storyteller. He’s written several novels and non-fiction, including “Story Worthy.” He owns “Speak Up Storytelling” and “Story Worthy MD” to help people learn to become better storytellers—because everyone has stories to tell, they just don’t know it. He simplifies the story-gathering process in this episode of Negotiations Ninja. (more…)


Predictive Procurement with Edmund Zagorin, Ep #440

One of procurement's roles is to achieve cost savings while balancing the needs of the company. Predictive procurement starts with defining things like: What has to be true for the prediction to be accurate The level of confidence of the person making the prediction If something changes, is the prediction invalid? Predicting cost savings isn’t easy. That’s why Edmund Zagorin leverages technology. Learn why you should invest in predictive procurement...

Nn 439 mark carpenter

How Storytelling Increases Credibility per Mark Carpenter, Ep #439

Logic and rational thinking don’t always work to convince someone to do something. People hear “Storytelling” and think of novels, movies, TV shows, etc. They don’t see it as what it is: A skill. Intuitively, people connect through stories. It’s how we make sense of the world. Storytelling moves someone toward action. And storytelling increases credibility. Mark Carpenter shares how to craft a simple yet compelling story—and shares how they...


Emotional vs. Logical Commitments, Throwback with Svitlana Kalitsun, Ep #438

When it comes to tense emotional situations, getting a commitment from the counterparty can be tough. We know that a commitment usually leads to positive outcomes. So how do we leverage emotion to help people make logical commitments? Svitlana Kalitsun—a Ukrainian negotiation expert and lawyer—shares her thought-process in this throwback episode of Negotiations Ninja.  (more…)

Nn 437 william ury

Lessons Learned from a Failed Negotiation with William Ury, Ep #437 

William Ury is one of the most well-known—and experienced—names in the field of mediation and negotiation. He’s worked around the globe in every circumstance imaginable. In this episode of Negotiations Ninja, we talk about what he’s learned throughout his storied career, including what he’s learned from the failures. (more…)