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Master Your Communication Skills with Free Courses

Whether conducting a sales presentation, negotiating with a potential new client, or resolving a conflict between your employees, communication is an important part of your job on a daily basis. From negotiation and persuasion to conflict resolution, you require an eclectic set of communication skills to succeed in any leadership or sales position. With the help of free courses from Negotiations Ninja, you can quickly increase your confidence and your success rates in negotiations, sales, and conflict resolution.

Non-Verbal Communication


Its been said that the vast majority of our communication is non-verbal (body-language, facial expressions, vocal intonation and inflection, dress).

This course is built to teach you the principles of persuasive non-verbal communication so you can use body language, facial expression and vocal cues to persuade others. We will teach you how to; identify persuasive body language and gestures, how to make a great first impression, how to create the visual and audible perception you want, how to use your body and voice to create a connection with someone else.

Persuasion and Influence


Imagine if you could influence someone to do something that benefitted both them and you instead of just “telling” them to do it and hoping that they will. Our ability to influence others is essential to our success in the workplace. Whether you need to convince someone to take on a project, encourage someone to perform a task, or get someone to sign an agreement, the strength of your influential powers improves the probability that they will do what you have asked them to do.

This influence training course will teach you a centuries-old framework for influence that, when applied today, still generates incredible results.

Persuasive Presentations


Your ability to present well is critical to your upward mobility and success in the business world. Whether you need to sell, persuade, influence, inspire or convince, your presentation skills will set you apart from competitors (whether internal or external). To be confident, well-prepared and informed, you must have excellent presentation skills.

The persuasive presentation training course is designed to introduce you to the principles of influence and for you to know the components of what makes a persuasive presentation work. We will teach you how to: develop a persuasive structure for your presentations, develop an engaging hook, create a persuasive call-to-action, and the body language required to persuade effectively.

Persuasive Storytelling


The business world is becoming increasingly noisy. With social media, social sales, and the need to get attention, it’s become more challenging than ever to stand out in a sea of competition. So many of the things we hear from companies sound the same. To succeed in this kind of market, one of the best skills you can develop is your storytelling abilities. Good stories capture our attention and shape how we feel. They affect our emotions and change the way we see things.

Set Us Apart

Practical Training for Real-World Scenarios

Negotiations Ninja’s training resources are crafted to offer practical, real-world applications that align closely with your everyday professional tasks, ensuring that the content is relevant and immediately beneficial. We aim to distance ourselves from academic exercises, instead focusing on practicing scenarios that mirror real-life situations as closely as possible. There’s no replacement for the insights gained from actual on-the-job experiences, and we firmly believe in replicating those conditions in every training opportunity we offer.

The Results Your Business Needs


Increase Sales and Profit

The art of persuasion is an important part of sales, and without sales, your business simply can’t profit. With the help of our free persuasion courses, you and your sales team will be able to effectively increase sales and, ultimately, secure a higher profit for your business.


Reduce Employee Turnover

When conflict occurs in the workplace, it can be difficult to maintain optimal operating efficiency and maintain a loyal team. Our resources can help you improve your conflict resolution skills to build a stronger, happier team that supports your goals.


Minimize Acquisition Costs

Our negotiation courses can help you and your team become better negotiators, reducing the amount of time it takes to acquire new clients and, thus, reducing fixed costs and helping you to better predict the variable costs associated with attaining those clients.

Engaging Training

Testimonials for Non-verbal Communication Training

“Mark gave us tools around non-verbal communication that we could use to get alignment internally.”

— Michael Kaeding, PEng