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Collaboration is Key with Scope of Work Clauses

A problem—that I see often—is that after contract execution, companies realize that they aren’t getting the full value of what they thought they were going to get. How do you prevent that from happening? Do you write the scope of work clause broadly, so it can flex? Jeanette Nyden points out that the Covid lockdown impacted the US ports. 4-6 months after the recording of this episode, the supply chain... Read more

The Basics of Negotiating with Investors

Zack Storms founded a non-profit called Startup TNT, a community that works not only to educate potential investors but to bridge the gap between investors and founders looking for funding. TNT has created a safe space for founders to negotiate and navigate the challenging system without fear they’ll do something wrong. It’s about building a supportive community where you can learn and grow. The process can be overwhelming when founders... Read more

How to Win Arguments (On Substance OR Procedure)

Most negotiators understand the basic premise that a contract is a decision that you've agreed to, usually in written form. But what happens when a question comes up? Two parties often want that question answered differently. You both refer to the agreement that you made. You know you’re bound by that agreement. The question, then, is how you interpret those words and understand what you agreed on. In episode #311... Read more


Using Second-Level Assessment Questions to Navigate Differing Perceptions of Value

During an interaction with a prospective customer, do you find ways to give them value? 80% of buyers say they don’t get anything of value from salespeople. The problem is that salespeople think they’re offering value. But there’s a gap between what they perceive as valuable and what the customer perceives as valuable. It’s a major problem. If your buyers don’t perceive the value, it doesn’t matter. What can you do? Ask... Read more


Ask Better Questions, Get Better Answers

Joanna Shea has almost 20 years of experience in the corporate world working on major acquisitions and divestments. Three years ago, she branched out and joined the Negotiations Collective. The Negotiations Collective blends the corporate world and behavioral psychology. Among many other specialties, the Negotiations Collective offers training on navigating conflict within negotiations. Joanna and her team members (Calvin Chrustie, Scott Tillema, and Melissa Fortunato) bring a breadth of experience... Read more


Learn From Your Failures to Improve Your Negotiations 

Sometimes when you attempt to take a collaborative approach to negotiation, the deal falls through. Failure is painful. You’re admitting that you screwed something up somewhere. Failure is critical to learning, but no one wants to talk about it. Simon Rycraft believes that ego is the #1 reason no one wants to talk about failure. People don’t want to openly share and acknowledge their weaknesses. But doing so can build... Read more


Can The Russo-Ukrainian War be Solved Through Negotiation? 

Mark Lowther believes that The Russo-Ukrainian War could be resolved—but not while Putin is in power. Why? He sees Putin as the stumbling block. And from the Ukranian point of view, why would they need to negotiate back their country? Why should they give away any of their country? It seems ridiculous to them. But negotiating and coming to a conclusion might save hundreds of thousands of lives. Can they prevent further... Read more


How to Teach Someone—Without Offending Them

What is the relationship between a person needing help and the person delivering it (i.e., a psychoanalyst)? The person who needs psychoanalysis wants their doctor to know what they need to know so they can get better. But in many doctor/patient relationship, at some point, the patient decides they don’t like the expert having that ability. They’ll spout things like “I don’t know why I come here” and “All you... Read more


How Gender Biases and Cultural Norms Impact Negotiations

Suzanne is a Professor of Management & Conflict Resolution at George Mason University. She’s also taught at IMD in Switzerland and Seattle University. She’s had the opportunity to teach on six continents. And throughout her years as a consultant, professor, and advisor, she’s witnessed how gender biases and cultural biases impact one’s ability to negotiate. It’s time to question what unconscious biases are impacting your negotiations. How gender biases change... Read more


Why Amber Heard’s Team Failed Her

The verdict is in, and Johnny Depp has been declared the victor in the defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard. While it’s no surprise to anyone, and many agree with the verdict, Amber’s team could have done better. When you go to court, you, your witnesses, your experts, and your lawyers are on trial. Amber’s team seemed to have forgotten this simple fact. In episode #295 of Negotiations Ninja, Susan Ibitz... Read more