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A Tribute to the Late Roger Dawson

A tribute to the late roger dawson

Roger Dawson was the founder of the Power Negotiation Institute, a prolific author, and one of the country’s top experts on the art of negotiating.

In a recent episode of Negotiations Ninja, Roger’s wife, Gisela, joined me to share more about his life and the legacy he leaves behind.

Gisela and Roger’s love story

Gisela was born in Germany during the war. Roger was born in London. She came to the United States with her parents when she was 10 and grew up in Philadelphia. Now, she resides in California. She spent her career in advertising, product placement, and branded entertainment. Gisela ran her own company with 13 employees for 10 years.

She was in her early 50s and had been single for 15 years when her Marketing Director put Roger’s tapes on her desk and said, “This is a guy you should listen to.” They thought his negotiating training would help her navigate negotiating with the studios better.

Gisela fell in love with Roger’s voice, and his work was phenomenal. His tapes said that he lived in Los Angeles and he was single. This was the kind of man she wanted to meet.

So she wrote him a note and shared how she enjoyed listening to his negotiating tips. She said if he’d ever like a cup of tea or glass of wine, he should call. She included a picture of herself with her girlfriends.

A couple of weeks later, he called and took her on a date. She knew the night they met that they were right for each other. Six months later, they were married.

What Roger was most proud of personally and professionally

Roger grew up in a poor family and was very proud to be able to make a good living in America. He believed he’d achieved something he wouldn’t have in England, which allowed him to care for his family.

He believed that he’d only achieved what he had in life because he was given an American opportunity. Gisela printed a brochure for his funeral and included the poem “Why I Love America” by John Mitchum. Roger loved it greatly and would always recite it with a tear in his eye, ending with the lines:

“You ask me why I love her? I’ve a million reasons why —

My beautiful America, beneath God’s wide, wide sky.”

What Gisela wants people to remember about Roger

Roger was a well-rounded person who loved life and adventure. He loved overcoming obstacles and winning. He was a strong competitor. He climbed every mountain in the world. He bungee jumped. He parachuted out of planes. He was an avid sailor. He was a man who always forced himself beyond his capabilities, enjoying life to the fullest.

Gisela was married to Roger for 27 years. He was a man of decency, integrity, elegance, and wit and was gifted with gracious persuasion. He was a gentleman to his core. To learn more about Roger, head over to his website, read his books, and listen to episode #401 of the Negotiations Ninja podcast.