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Can The Russo-Ukrainian War be Solved Through Negotiation? 

Can the russo ukrainian war be solved through negotiation

Mark Lowther believes that The Russo-Ukrainian War could be resolved—but not while Putin is in power. Why? He sees Putin as the stumbling block.

And from the Ukranian point of view, why would they need to negotiate back their country? Why should they give away any of their country? It seems ridiculous to them.

But negotiating and coming to a conclusion might save hundreds of thousands of lives. Can they prevent further destruction? When you’re losing civilians—including children—every single day, shouldn’t you consider coming to the bargaining table?

Mark, sadly, feels that Ukraine is currently losing the battle. They are fighting valiantly but slowly losing their grip on their country. How did we get to this place?

Putin’s end desire for The Russo-Ukrainian War

Putin got away with taking Crimea. Now, it appears that he’ll be getting away with taking Ukraine. But why is he so intent on overtaking the country? Nostalgia. He longs for the old Soviet Union days.

There are other issues at play—such as energy and access to the Black Sea—but this seems personal. Putin keeps saying he’s “Willing to talk” which really means he wants Ukraine to surrender and let him take what he wants. He likely thought that would happen immediately when he launched a full-scale invasion.

But he highly underestimated the resolve of the Ukrainian people. So Putin changed his strategy and moved to Eastern Ukraine to slowly squeeze them out and march further north. How far will he go? We know he doesn’t want to destroy Ukraine because he wants to rule it.

Putin likely believes that failure isn’t an option. If he fails, he likely fears being overthrown. He is all-in and does see failure as an option—which makes him dangerous. The world is watching to see what he’ll do.

Will the rest of the world step in and intervene in the conflict?

Ukraine is one of the largest suppliers of wheat, grain, and sunflower oil in the world. Now that ports are being closed to the Black Sea, how is the world going to react when the food supply chain starts to get choked off? Will the rest of the world take a more active role in the conflict?

Ukrainian people are friendly, respectful, and helpful. Mark implores everyone: Do not forget about the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. People are being killed every day. Keep your attention on Ukraine and don’t let what’s happening become a news cycle that’s forgotten.

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