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Change Is Constant

Change is a constant in our lives, isn’t it? Just when you think you’ve got hold of something, it surprises you and changes. Running a business is like that every single day. And occasionally some structural changes are required to account for the change.

The great thing about change though is that it keeps things fresh. And keeping things fresh is key to succeeding as a start-up. My business is going to be changing soon and it’s all quite exciting.


Due to overwhelming demand, the podcast has taken a life all on it’s own. It’s my baby and my baby is growing [insert proud parent tear here]. In the next few months I’ll be splitting off the podcast from the training business as it’s own self sustaining thing and will be building a community around the podcast so that the listener base can participate in sharing negotiation ideas with each other. Neat, right!?! It’s going to look slick! No idea on when it will be live yet, but likely in the fall sometime.

Also, I’ll be introducing advertising on the podcast on a trial basis. I say trial because I honestly have no idea whether my listeners will appreciate advertising and I care more about them and the show than the money. That’s likely too honest, but it is what it is. So, in October, I’ll be launching advertising on my show on trial basis to see how it goes for 3 months. I have always been on the fence about ever monetizing my podcast. As you know, my business makes money from training and coaching programs that I deliver and the podcast has always been and is my creative baby. But a while back I went out to a few select contacts to see if they would be interested in advertising. The response was very positive. Hence this announcement.


I got the largest engagement ever by producing a very simple LinkedIn video a few weeks ago. The response was so big that I’ll now be producing new video content every single month that will be released as a “quick tips” type of video that people can easily and quickly consume. The quick tips will be featured on the training website in a video library that people will be able to access for free whenever they want.


Online Training – I’ll be introducing online courses that folks can take in a very cool video and social format. This new training is scheduled to be live in the winter and people like you will be able to take the same training that I deliver to some of North America’s most respected organizations. I typically don’t offer public courses (it’s mostly a corporate thing) and a lot of people have reached out to me and said, “WTF, why can’t we have this too?” Good question, why not! So I’ll be investing a significant amount of time and money into developing some slick video course content for friends of Negotiations Ninja.

Corporate Training and Coaching – This likely won’t affect many of you, but all of my corporate training is also going through a MAJOR overhaul and I’ll be coming out with some new and interesting courses for my corporate clients.

So, that’s the roadmap.

Lot’s to do, but it’s going to look and be amazing!