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How a Negotiation Course Will Empower Your Sales Team to Produce Better Results

Negotiation Training

Your sales team is the lifeline of your company. Without sales, revenue evaporates, and you have no business without revenue. For this reason, you must ensure the skills of your sales force remain sharp. What does that mean in practical terms? Your sales team must continually improve their abilities and grow their knowledge to produce the best results possible—this is where negotiation training can be beneficial. 

A negotiation course is an investment in your team and your enterprise. Therefore, it’s a requirement for company growth. With that being the case, it’s important to get an idea of what to expect by having your sales team attend a negotiation course. Keep reading to learn how negotiation training can empower your sales team.

But first, you may be wondering…

What You Can Expect From a Negotiation Course

You must learn negotiation skills to improve the likelihood of favorable results in your enterprise. And we at Negotiations Ninja want to help you get there. Our negotiation training can help you get more from your business deals and transactions and reduce possible losses.

Here’s what you can expect from the training:

  • Create and set ambitious goals for negotiation success
  • Formulate questions to reveal valuable data to support the standards for success
  • Handle compromises and lessen the proneness to concede any more than necessary
  • Determine and define the tactical and behavioral skills needed to negotiate confidently

We teach essential negotiation skills to help you discover useful insights, earn more money, and remain firm in your negotiations and business operations. 

The course curriculum consists of:

  • Negotiation planning and preparation: We want you to win: land more projects, close more deals, and earn more money. And the best way to do that is through planning and preparation. We teach you how to properly plan and prepare for a negotiation to increase your probability of success.
  • Developing confident body language and vocal tonality: Up to 90% of all communication is nonverbal. Why is this important in negotiations? The smallest nuances in your communication can spoil a negotiation. A shaky voice, a doubtful gesture, or even hesitant eye contact can damage the negotiation process. 
  • The power of silence and dramatic pause: You have a subtle power in uncomfortable silence. It sets a fitting tone and is most effective if your counterpart becomes rude or dishonest. We teach you how to use this power to your advantage in our Negotaiton Success Program. 

How Negotiation Training Empowers Your Sales Force

A negotiation course will help your sales force develop stronger and more effective negotiation skills. Moreover, your team will understand the fundamentals deeper, enabling them to apply these strategies and tactics more easily. And while all negotiations follow a structure, each interaction will unfold differently. By ensuring your sales team’s adaptability in various contexts, you’ll help them achieve better results for your business. And a negotiation course can facilitate this. 

Once you’ve reviewed all you’ve learned from training, begin exploring ways your team can apply these lessons. Consider sitting in on negotiations with prospective clients to see how your team actions their newly developed skills. Also, it’s helpful to determine the steps your members should take to rectify their negotiation shortcomings. 

Negotiation Courses are Investments in Your Sales Team

The purpose of any sales group is to create value for the company. Negotiation skills are vital for any sales expert, and developing those skills is an investment for both the organization and the salesperson. At Negotiations Ninja, we are industry leaders in sales, persuasion, and conflict resolution. So, if you’re ready to turn your sales team into a revenue-generating machine, contact us today to experience world-class negotiation training