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Sales is the Transference of Belief

Sales is the transference of belief

Sales is the transference of belief. If you yourself aren’t sold on the product or service, you can’t transfer that belief to another human. You can’t convince your way in.

Are you bought into the ROI of your product or service? Do you care about serving your customers and helping them achieve results? Will your product or service transform their business?

Tom Randall once told Justin that he made things too complicated. He said that you sit with the customer, look them in the eye, and say “We are going to transform your business.” Getting across that single intention shows confidence. Sit with the person like they’re a friend or loved one and say “This is a good decision, here’s why you should do this.”

One of the key things we talk about at Negotiations Ninja is enthusiasm. If you’re not enthusiastic about what you’re doing and you don’t believe in it, no one’s going to believe in what you’re doing.

When we see that in other people, our confidence in that person drops. It leads to confusion and a lack of decision.

Do you believe in what you’re selling? 

The importance of belief in your product

People buy emotionally and rationalize with logic. People buy the experience with the salesperson. You need to tell stories, connect emotionally, and get people to open up. Half the battle is connecting, so the other person trusts you. But ultimately, the biggest differentiator is a belief in your product and its ability to transform someone’s business.

Justin was in Northern Idaho on a company ski trip. A guy with a budget of $100 million per year walked up to him and said, “Hey, I’m gonna buy your product.” He went on to say, “Wherever you go, I’m gonna buy the thing.”

Justin had built enough trust with that person that they knew wherever he went, the product was something worth buying.

Confidence in yourself and your product is key

You don’t have to be an overly confident and outgoing salesperson. You can be an introvert and excel in sales. You just have to be yourself. Neutrality can be more authentic than overconfidence. Don’t be afraid to find a unique negotiation or selling style that fits you best.

Justin emphasizes that you can’t walk into a negotiation and say, “I can’t do this.” Decide what your character and underlying identity will be in any given situation. It keeps you from being rattled.

But remember—the more you think about yourself, the more you’ll fail. Any sales negotiation has to be about the other person. When you get into the prospect’s mind—and fully understand their needs—you’ll resonate with them.

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