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Why Top Companies are Prioritizing Conflict Resolution as a Key HR Strategy

Conflict Resolution

Collaboration is an important function of nearly every workplace, and unfortunately, every collaborative team has its conflicts and challenges. While marketing, strategy, and financial management are typical buzzwords that you’ll often hear floating around in the corporate world, conflict resolution is another term that’s gaining traction. This is particularly true in forward-thinking companies with proactive, resolution-focused HR departments. 

The Negative Impact of Workplace Conflict

Workplace conflict is more than just office drama. It’s a problem that directly affects productivity and team morale, often resulting in problems with employee retention. The ripple effect that comes from office conflict can often be seen in other departments, as well. 

According to a 2022 study conducted by Myers-Briggs, managers and HR professionals spend an average of four hours per week resolving conflicts between team members. With an effective conflict resolution strategy in place, companies can dramatically decrease time spent in this area and spend more time focusing on other important tasks.

Strategizing Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution isn’t just about evading conflicts or sweeping them under the rug; it’s about managing them constructively to ensure everyone is heard and understood. With a good conflict resolution strategy that includes intensive training for employees: 

  • Communication improves: Employees misunderstand each other less and take part in constructive discussions more often. 
  • Teams work better together: With a clearly defined process for resolving disputes, teams become more collaborative. 
  • Efficiency increases: Time that would typically be spent resolving disputes can be directed toward more productive tasks. 

Training Leaders and Employees

Conflict resolution isn’t always a natural skill, but with the right training and frequent practice, it’s one that can be perfected over time. Recognizing this, top companies across Canada and the U.S. are investing in conflict resolution training for managers and employees, ensuring teams can manage difficult conversations without issue. 

Top Companies Leading the Way 

Tech giant Apple is one company that promotes a culture of open communication. Its policies focus on everything from brainstorming to conflict resolution, ensuring employees feel heard and acknowledged at work. The company’s commitment to fostering an open environment is evident in its investments in employee training programs, including one on conflict resolution. 

Nike is another company that’s known for a team-oriented culture. Its policies indicate that teams, while important for driving innovation, can sometimes breed conflict. The company takes a proactive approach, providing conflict resolution training to all employees in hopes of maintaining a collaborative work environment. 

Keep Your Office Peaceful with Conflict Resolution Training

Give your leaders and employees the tools they need to manage conflicts for a more productive and profitable workplace. Entrust your conflict resolution training to Negotiations Ninja and fill your toolkit with techniques that resolve workplace disputes effectively.

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