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Why You Can Still Achieve a Rags to Riches Story

6 why you can still achieve a rags to riches story

Can someone still have a rags to riches story like Shaahin Cheyene?

Shaahin believes it is possible. Henry Ford once said, “If you believe you can or you believe you can’t, you’re right.” It comes down to mindset. Is the mindset still possible? Yes.

Shaahin teaches people how to create predictable, recurring revenue on Amazon. Amazon has taught us that things change rapidly. If you’re equipped, ready, and willing to move with that change, you’ll do well.

Adaptability is the key

Shaahin has been a student of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for over five years. It’s considered a grappling art. Once you get on the mat, you might have a plan. But you have no control over your opponent. That changes the entire game. If you come at it with a learning mindset—and acknowledge that you don’t know what will happen—you’ll watch what happens and adapt to the situation. You have to be adaptable in business as well.

When Shaahin assesses people who want to enroll in his coaching program, one of the criteria they have to meet is the ability to be adaptable. Will they do whatever it takes to get the win? If you can do that, you can create your own rags to riches story. What’s more important is the ability to adapt. You have to go into any opportunity primed and ready for the best-case scenario and the worst-case scenario. You know that you can move through any environment.

Why “doing your best” isn’t enough

When you know yourself, know your weaknesses, know your strengths, and know that you’ve got grit—you’ll do whatever it takes. The world is your oyster. It’s the people who go out and say “I’ll do my best” that fail. You have to go out there and get it done.

When you hire someone to work for you, you hire someone that will get the job done—not someone that will “do their best.” Right? If you go in with the right mindset, you can be the best in the world.

Mike Tyson doesn’t go into battle saying, “I’ll do my best.” He goes into a fight with the mindset that he will crush the other person. Bruce Lee said, “Be like water.” It takes the shape of whatever it needs to.

The best you can do is not all you can do

Michael Wheeler wrote that a good negotiation is like jazz music. The musicians play off of each other, and you get a beautiful piece of music at the end. But most jazz musicians never know what the result will be. Yes, they have the skillsets. Yes, they practiced together relentlessly. But the music that results is always a result of the back and forth, the playing off each other.

The best you can do is not all you can do. If I told you to do five pull-ups and you do two, that may have been the best you could do at that moment. But was it all you could do? What if you rested for a minute—could you crank out more? You always need to try your best but recognize that you’re capable of so much more.

It seems that everything Shaahin sets out to do is bound for success. What’s his secret? Learn more by listening to episode #264 of the Negotiations Ninja podcast!