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Jeanette Nyden Uncomplicates Scope of Work, Throwback, Ep #432

Scope of work clauses aren’t technically complex or complicated. But they’re where people repeatedly make mistakes. Jeanette starts by making sure the business objective is clear, creates good acceptance criteria, gathers the right KPIs and SLAs, and collaborates with her counterparts. Jeanette uncomplicates scope of work clauses in this throwback episode of Negotiations Ninja.


How to Argue Precedent in Negotiations, Throwback with Joel Trachtman, Ep #430

Have you ever heard a counterpart say, “This is how we’ve always done it” when they don’t want to make a change? How can you help them move beyond their argument to see the potential of your solution? Help them see the “precedent” or characteristics from past positive outcomes that will be the same for them. Learn how to do just that in this throwback episode of Negotiations Ninja with...


IP Clauses Simplified with Jeanette Nyden and Lawrence Kane, Ep #400

Intellectual property is an asset. It can be a trademark, trade secrets, copyrights, patents, and more. Whoever designed—or developed—these assets are protected through intellectual property law. So how do contract professionals need to navigate IP clauses to protect these assets? Jeanette Nyden and Lawrence Kane break it down in this throwback episode of Negotiations Ninja!  (more…)


Calculating the Value of Liquidated Damages, Throwback with Jeanette Nyden, Ep #390

How do you calculate the value of liquidated damages? What do you ask for? How do you know what something is worth? According to contract expert Jeanette Nyden, “If you don’t have a good risk analysis or cost analysts on the customer side, then you use formulas.” Jeanette shares what this could look like in this throwback episode of Negotiations Ninja!  (more…)


How to Navigate Indemnity Clauses, Throwback with Jeanette Nyden, Ep #386

What is an indemnity clause? Why do companies have indemnity clauses? What do contract professionals need to be aware of? Jeanette Nyden has spent the last 18+ years teaching people how to negotiate the word of complex contract negotiations. She shares how you can navigate indemnity clauses in this throwback episode of Negotiations Ninja!  (more…)


The Limitation of Liability Clause Simplified, Throwback with Jeanette Nyden, Ep #362

Why does the limitation of liability clause exist? How does it work? Is there a way you can simplify the process of building it out in the negotiation? Contract and negotiation expert Jeanette Nyden shares her extensive knowledge of limitation of liability clauses in this throwback episode of the Negotiations Ninja podcast! (more…)

BATNA with George Seidel

Why Your BATNA is the Key to Negotiation Planning with George Siedel, Ep #361

George Siedel—a Professor at the University of Michigan—wrote a great book called, “Negotiating for Success: Essential Strategies and Skills,” in which he shares the importance of planning. He believes so strongly in planning that he gives away numerous negotiation planning tools for free. In this episode of Negotiations Ninja, we cover planning in negotiation, the 4th and 5th key numbers for financial consideration, and how to understand and consider life goals...

contract redlining etiquette Nada Alnajafi

Contract Redlining Etiquette with Nada Alnajafi, Ep #347

How do you use a contract to drive negotiations forward? How can redlines help you save time? What is the importance of internal alignment to contract negotiation? I had an incredible discussion with Nada Alnajafi about contract redlining etiquette in this episode of Negotiations Ninja. Nada has been practicing law for over 12 years and is currently corporate counsel for Franklin Templeton. Nada recently wrote “Contract Redlining Etiquette,” which focuses...


How Lawyers can Become Better Negotiators, Throwback with Dr. Claudia Winkler, Ep #318

Dr. Claudia Winkler has a Master of Law from Harvard Law and a Doctorate of Law (in European Union Law) from Johannes Kepler Universität Linz. She leverages her degrees and experience to help lawyers become better negotiators. She strives to help them hone their skills, manage their emotions, and negotiate effectively. She shares what that looks like in this throwback edition of the Negotiations Ninja podcast.  (more…)

Nn 315 jeanette nyden

How to Avoid Errors in the “Scope of Work” Clause per Jeanette Nyden, Ep #315

“Scope of work” clauses may not be complex, but they are often misunderstood in a contract. It’s where I see the most mistakes and opportunities for future conflict. That’s why Jeanette Nyden is back! In this episode of Negotiations Ninja we talk about how to negotiate scopes of work correctly, the common screw-ups that we see, AND what to do about them. Don’t miss it! Disclaimer: I am not a...