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Deb Calvert’s DISCOVER Framework (Throwback), Ep #326

In episode #223 of the Negotiations Ninja podcast, we dove into Deb Calvert’s DISCOVER framework. She expounded upon the SPIN methodology and developed her framework to cover the right questions to ask throughout the sales process:

  • Data: Get some facts
  • Issue: Determine the issue between the two parties
  • Solution: Get people to think outside the box
  • Consequence: Ask pain-point and goal-oriented questions
  • Outcome: Pain-point and goal-oriented questions
  • Value: Determine what is important to the other person
  • Example: Share examples to get them thinking and processing
  • Rationale: Ask questions to understand the buyer’s decision-making process.

Learn more about Deb’s framework and how it can help you in sales and negotiations in this throwback episode of Negotiations Ninja!

The Purpose of DISCOVER Questions with Deb Calvert, Ep #223