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How to Masterfully Manage Differing Beliefs, Throwback with Richard Shell, Ep #346

You’ve gotten to a place where you point-blank asked someone what their values are. You have the answer—but it wasn’t the one you were looking for. It’s clear that you have differing beliefs. Now you’re at a crossroads: What do you do?

You can’t persuade someone to change their beliefs. Negotiating over differing beliefs is a far different process than negotiating over interests. You can’t just say “Let’s split the difference” or you’ll insult them. You can provide arguments, evidence, justifications, rationales, stories, etc. but will it make an impact?

Author and Professor G. Richard Shell dives into this complicated topic in this throwback episode of Negotiations Ninja. Don’t miss it!

The Conscience Code: How to Lead with Your Values per Richard Shell, Ep #236