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Jacqueline Twillie’s Guide to Help Women Negotiate with Confidence, Ep #217

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Jacqueline Twillie points out that women are excellent representational negotiators. When women are negotiating for a team member or family, they give it everything they’ve got. But when it comes to negotiating for themselves, many women struggle. Jacqueline specializes in helping women negotiate with confidence, enhancing the skills so many already have. How does she do it? What is the framework she uses? Listen to this episode of Negotiations Ninja for her genius strategy.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:17] Who is Jacqueline Twillie?
  • [2:24] The adoption of negotiation amongst women
  • [3:52] Jacqueline’s LATTE framework
  • [5:47] Step #1: Look at the details
  • [7:53] Step #2: Anticipate the challenges
  • [9:22:] Step #4: Talk it through
  • [12:23] Step #3: Determine your walk-away
  • [14:24] Step #5: Evaluate your options
  • [15:16] The application of Jacqueline’s framework
  • [20:51] How to connect with Jacqueline Twillie

Women must embrace negotiation

Jacqueline notes that somewhere along the way, it became a societal norm that women should be humble and wait to be spoken to. Women battle this. If you’re too confident and robust, you get labeled the “b-word,” and if you’re not assertive, you’re too shy and not speaking up for yourself. Women have to walk a fine line that is easy to trip up. But Jacqueline firmly believes that every woman can negotiate with confidence. She developed the LATTE Framework to help them do just that.

The LATTE Framework

Jacqueline was preparing for a negotiation talk and decided she needed an acronym to explain her framework. She needed a simple way to break down negotiation that would ease nerves and open people’s minds to hear what she wanted to deliver.

So she nailed down a five-part acronym that’s a simple checklist. A pilot has a pre-flight checklist to ensure the smoothest flight possible. That’s what LATTE is. After all, she emphasizes that negotiation is a conversation—not a battle. So what does LATTE stand for?

  • Look at the details: do your research in advance: Uncover as much information as you can and prepare open-ended questions to gather even more. Be open-minded and don’t make assumptions.
  • Anticipate the challenges: You have to plan for the worst and prepare for Murphy’s Law: Anything that could go wrong will go wrong. Create a response in every scenario that you think of.
  • Think about your walk-away point: No one wants to think about BATNA, but you need to have a set point in your mind where you will walk away.
  • Talk it through: Jacqueline coaches women to role-play a negotiation over and over again. Do it with multiple people to see how you react in different situations, then tweak your actions and body language.
  • Evaluate your options: Focus on objectively evaluating the deal that’s at the end of the negotiation so you can distinguish between a good deal and a great deal.

Master negotiators get those elements right out the gate. But for those looking to strengthen their skills, it’s not as obvious. Jacqueline believes that LATTE emphasizes the important elements you should think through before jumping into that conversation. It’s a simple checklist to ensure success.

In this episode, Jacqueline takes a deep dive into each element of her framework. She also shares her personal experience using the framework with an unexpected outcome. If you’re ready to feel more confident in your negotiating abilities, don’t miss this episode!

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