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Learn to Recognize Opportunities to Negotiate with Suzanne de Janasz, Ep #297

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How do you learn to recognize opportunities to negotiate? Or do you see opportunities, but choose to ignore them for a variety of reasons? In this episode of Negotiations Ninja, Suzanne de Janasz shares some of the underlying issues she sees that keep people from negotiating. She also shares how you can learn to recognize and take advantage of opportunities to negotiate in your everyday life. Don’t miss it!

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:38] Learn all about Suzanne de Janasz
  • [2:26] Recognizing opportunities to engage in negotiation
  • [6:14] What drives the lack of awareness?
  • [7:59] Why people believe negotiation will lead to conflict
  • [12:47] The gender disparities in conflict
  • [15:47] How cultural biases change perceptions
  • [21:22] The premise of Suzanne’s transformative workshops
  • [24:02] How to connect with Suzanne de Janasz

How to recognize the opportunities to negotiate

If you don’t recognize when there are opportunities to apply your negotiation skills, you’ll miss out when opportunities arise.

Suzanne was talking to a group of accomplished women. She asked them to imagine they were in a store and saw a great pair of heels. You find out that they go on sale the next day at 25% off. What would you do? One woman said, “I’ll come back tomorrow.”

So Suzanne changed the scenario. If the sale starts the next day but you’re going out of town for the next two weeks, what do you do? Someone else said, “I’ll see if I can buy them online and have them delivered.” Finally, one person said, “I would ask for 25% off.”

Many people don’t even recognize that you may get “no” as an answer, but you don’t get what you don’t ask for. If the store is willing to let go of 25% off the retail price the next day, surely they’d be willing to do it one day earlier. It made Suzanne realize that she must see things differently. She sees many opportunities to have a conversation, problem-solve, and find a place where you can both walk away happy.

Find opportunities to negotiate in your everyday

Many people have cable bills, rent, etc., set on auto-pay. So many people are shocked when they open their account(s) to see that they were charged 20% more. Most people would just go “Huh, what do you know…” and keep paying the bill. Suzanne would make a phone call. Why should her loyalty be rewarded with being charged more?

What are the everyday negotiation opportunities that people miss out on? You might get a better deal, a cheaper price, faster internet, etc. How can you use those opportunities to work your negotiation muscle so that when the big negotiations come along, you’re prepared (a salary, a house, etc.)?

Is it a lack of awareness—or something deeper?

Do you even see a potential resolution? Could you ask the cable company for a price break? Could you see a price tag on a store as flexible? Many people aren’t socialized that way. The price is the price. We are conditioned to take things as they’re given.

Western women are socialized to go with the flow, be empathetic, be team players, etc. They can’t boast or brag. Assertive women are often labeled as “aggressive.” The fear of not being liked forces them to think, “How much would I save if I open my mouth? Is it worth it?” And they usually say nothing.

Listen to the whole episode to learn more about how cognitive and gender biases play a role. Suzanne also shares more about her negotiation workshops and how they can help you recognize and grasp opportunities to negotiate.

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