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Negotiate Better Salaries: A Throwback with Victoria Pynchon, Ep #340

Victoria Pynchon is the founder and chief negotiator at “She Negotiates,” a consulting company that helps women negotiate better salaries. Sadly, Victoria sees a lot of women (and men) make mistakes because they forge ahead too quickly, lured by the promise of stock options.

During the pandemic, startups had ample funding. They started recruiting from big-name brands with the promise of stock options. But the salaries they offered were often dismal. If you were in that scenario, how should you have negotiated your salary?

Victoria shares common mistakes CEOs, CFOs, etc. make when negotiating their salaries and what they should be doing to negotiate better salaries in this throwback episode of Negotiations Ninja!

How to Negotiate Your Way into a Startup with Victoria Pynchon, Ep #244