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Overcoming Adversity And Kicking Ass, with Molly Bloom, Ep #103 

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If you haven’t heard Molly Bloom’s story you’re missing an incredible lesson in overcoming adversity. You could say she made her own bed—and she’d agree with you. The legal trouble she got into bears it out as well. What did she get into hot water over? She was involved in organizing and managing high-stakes poker games for high-profile and high net worth individuals and she stepped over a legal line.

A Federal raid of her home, her arrest, and a very public trial offered her the opportunity to make some new choices and move in a new direction. That’s when everything about her mindset, perception about herself, and personal integrity began to change. Listen to this episode—not just to hear a provocative story but also to hear how overcoming adversity is possible for all of us.

Outline of This Episode

  • [3:10] The incredible story that makes Molly an example of overcoming adversity
  • [7:30] Molly’s motivation to speak and inspire people to persist and persevere
  • [9:28] Why Molly rejected the Feds offer for immunity despite the repercussions
  • [12:29] The reason difficult choices are necessary and even helpful
  • [15:08] What it takes to build a great product and recruit a great team
  • [18:42] The reasons Molly takes such time to target her clients
  • [24:30] Why Molly’s attorney, Charlie, choose to take her case
  • [28:17] How Molly convinced Aaron Sorkin to do a movie of her story
  • [30:01] Persevering and using rejection to fuel yourself forward
  • [34:38] Why Molly persists even when everything is against her
  • [40:28] The power and benefit of meditation in Molly’s life (and mine)

Money and freedom do NOT lead to happiness

At the height of her early business ventures Molly was a success in the eyes of everyone who was within her orbit. Plenty of money, possessions, nightly parties, and a powerful network convinced her that she’d “made it.” But she couldn’t shake the empty feeling inside and eventually realized that she wasn’t really happy.

That’s where she was at when the Federal raid of her home changed her life forever. Molly is very clear that what she did was illegal and as she approached her trial she was given an offer by the prosecution. She was promised that if she would share information and identities of others who were involved in committing crimes she could have all her money back and walk away a free woman. But she wouldn’t do it even though everyone near her was encouraging her to do so. She explains why on this episode.

Great odds can be the catalyst to great success

The success Molly enjoyed before her arrest wasn’t the kind of success that leads to fulfillment. She recognized that as she went through the ordeal and intentionally made changes. It was her attorney who first began talking to her about personal integrity. He challenged her to make changes and she was more than willing to have those conversations. The transformation is remarkable and the way she faced the deck that was stacked against her is nothing short of courageous.

Molly says that great odds can be the catalyst to great success if you’re willing to do the work of analyzing your situation and solving for the problems you discover. It’s not an easy task because in most cases it involves a deep look into your own soul and it takes a relentless commitment to working problems as they arise. But when you do, you’ll find success at the end.

Do you want to be in the game or on the bench?

When I asked Molly why she’s become so committed to creating success in every venture she undertakes, she said it’s a simple matter of being “in the game” rather than “on the bench.” She wants her life to matter and she realizes that a desire like that doesn’t just happen. Hard work is required.

Molly says that if you want to make the most of your life you need to be willing to do three things.

  1. Suffer constructively
  2. Conquer fear
  3. Do the hard stuff

Those are lessons all of us need to learn. Listen to hear how Molly goes about those three things and how she’s come to that place of determination.

The biggest thing that will come between you and your dream, is you

As Molly explains the path she’s taken to tell her story so effectively through her book and the hard work it took to “sell” the project to Hollywood, she refers to the necessary task of doing “personal work.” She’s referring to dealing with her personal demons, fears, and baggage so that she’s can be in a better place to fulfill her ambitions and goals. She realizes that to achieve more she has to become more and that the only thing standing between her and the dreams she has is her current limitations.

Molly shares about the importance of integrity, how she’s learned to use meditation to control her mind and put it to work for her, and how she’s developed a persistent tenacity that has served her well in life and business. Don’t miss her fascinating story.

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