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Setting the Foundation for the Deal with Carson Heady, Ep #321

Setting the foundation for the deal with carson heady

Carson Heady is the best-selling author of “Salesman on Fire” and is recognized as the #1 Social Seller globally at Microsoft. He’s found success in every level of sales. On this episode of Negotiations Ninja, one of the most recognizable names in sales today shares what setting the foundation for the deal looks like. It starts with getting the right people “on the boat with you” and caring about the “why” that drives them. What else? Find out in episode #321 of Negotiations Ninja!

Outline of This Episode

  • [2:13] Learn more about Carson Heady
  • [3:37] Setting the foundation for the deal
  • [6:37] Get people on the boat with you
  • [11:22] Understanding the customer’s “why”
  • [15:27] Does Carson’s notoriety impact him?
  • [19:05] Learn more about “Salesman on Fire”
  • [22:26] Overcoming the perception of others

Setting the foundation for the deal

Most sellers think they need help overcoming objections or they’re “stuck.” 99% of the time they’re stuck on something that could have been prevented if the proper foundation was already in place. You need to understand the major players, key milestones, processes, and more. You don’t want an “aha moment” in the final stages of the deal. You don’t want to say “Hey, just one more thing…” repeatedly.

What’s #1? As you go through a deal, focus on your non-negotiables. Ask yourself if there’s something you need to do every day to influence what’s on your list. If there’s an activity that needs to happen, do it. As you work through deals, you’ll have to remind your customer of the mutual milestones, priorities, and timelines you laid out on day one. Make the discussion about them—not you.

Get the right people on the boat with you

What people do you need on the journey with you? Who are the influencers? Who is the ultimate decision maker? Are you relying on someone else to sell your deal? You need the right people in the boat with you. Secondly, you need the right people on your team.

What are the resources at play? What elements of the deal will be of mutual benefit? You have to understand what looks like a win to your customer and deliver that (while being cognizant of your own organization).

Get out of the way and let the deal happen

Carson always looks to leverage his brand to help his clients. His success is due to resilience. Horrible things happen and he continues to fight. He’ll interview customers on his podcast to amplify their brand and help them gain visibility.

He wants to benefit his team, colleagues, and customers. At the end of the day, everyone is human. It matters how you show up. Winning friends and influencing people is super important.

You don’t have to be the smartest person in the room. You may be negotiating and closing the deal, but you couldn’t do it without the team and buy-in of the customer. You have to know when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em—when to speak and when you keep your mouth shut.

Success is a byproduct of never quitting and never giving in. So what happened to Carson to earn him the title “Salesman on Fire?” Listen to the whole episode to find out!

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