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Take Command of Your Mindset with Joe Hart, Ep #445

Take command of your mindset

Dale Carnegie is a global training organization with 200 operations in 86 countries. Its instructors teach the Dale Carnegie course following the model he developed over 100 years ago.

Joe Hart took the course as a young lawyer, and it changed the trajectory of his life. He left law and went into business, and the course helped him see a different vision for his future.

Joe and Michael Cromm wrote “Take Command” because they were profoundly impacted by the Dale Carnegie principles and program. Joe shares how you can implement some of those principles immediately in this episode of Negotiations Ninja.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:39] Learn more about Joe Hart
  • [4:27] Self-confidence is a mindset shift
  • [9:12] The importance of building good habits
  • [14:32] Taking command of your relationships
  • [17:20] Why you need to stop criticizing others
  • [20:11] Being an intentional leader

Self-confidence is a mindset shift

Joe knew two young salespeople who had access to the same lead. One of the senior salespeople said, “This lead isn’t worth my time.” The junior salesperson said, “This looks like a great opportunity,” and turned it into a seven-figure sale. Two people can have different views of the same thing.

Some people are confident, and some are insecure. The difference is how you think. If you can condition your mind for success, reframe your thoughts, and correct yourself when your thoughts undermine you, you can change the way you feel.

The importance of building good habits

You can tell if someone is in shape (or isn’t). People who are in shape do things consistently—eating well, exercising, exercising often, etc. They’ve built good habits. The same principles apply to emotional strength, resilience, and coping mechanisms. You must be intentional. You won’t be muscular unless you lift weights consistently over time. You have to do the same thing with mindset.

Everyone can develop a powerful, successful, resilient, and courageous mindset. It starts with being mindful of your thoughts. When you’re thinking things like “I couldn’t do that” or “I’m going to blow this again,” you have to stop them in their tracks and replace them with the right thoughts.

If you’re thinking, “There’s no way I could do this,” everything will flow from that thought. What if you say, “Of course I can do this?” If you replace that thought, everything that follows shifts. It reinforces itself. Choose the right thoughts actively.

Be intentional with your routines

Do you have a daily routine? When Joe wakes up, he spends time thinking about what went well (or didn’t) the day before, what he might need to apologize for, and what he needs to do that day. He then focuses on what he’s grateful for.

In the past, the first things he’d do included checking his email, responding to texts, and spending time on websites. You have to take command and be intentional.

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