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Alex Yakubovich and Stan Garber’s Procurement Solution: Levelpath


Alex Yakubovich was the Co-Founder and CEO of Scout RFP and is now the Co-Founder and CEO of Levelpath. Stan Garber was the President of Scout RFP and helped Alex Co-found Levelpath. He and Alex have worked together on different projects for nearly two decades.

In episode #425 of Negotiations Ninja, they shared how every venture they take on is obsessively focused on serving their customers. Levelpath is no different. Their mission is to make the procurement process delightful.

That means looking at the procurement process end-to-end and making it delightful for the stakeholders to go through it.

What is Levelpath?

When Scout RFP was acquired, Alex and Stan experienced the procurement process firsthand. They were stakeholders. They saw that improvements were necessary in the procurement process. So they started Levelpath to start to solve those problems.

Their first product is designed for the stakeholder—procurement’s customers. They’re taking a company’s procurement policy and handbook to life with “Pathfinder.” You ask a question and are directed to a 3rd party app, company policies or information, or directly to procurement.

It’s taking the processes and putting them into an interactive conversation to get to the right spot.

Why Levelpath? How does it help procurement?

Procurement strives to build trust with their stakeholders, so they come to procurement early in the process instead of trying to avoid them.

But many stakeholders still view procurement as a pain in the ass that slows them down. They’re personified as people who are difficult to work with. Alex and Stan are building something that will begin to address this issue.

If a stakeholder wants to find out if they do business with someone, they can rarely find a direct answer quickly. They need this information at their fingertips. They’re solving that fundamental problem.

Their next step is to create a path from your request—whatever question you have or thing you need help with—to the end of the process, i.e. an answer.

What’s next for Levelpath?

The next-gen solution for procurement is mobility. The ability to work anywhere is missing in procurement. They want to untether people from their desks.

That’s why they released an Android and Apple app before moving to a desktop. Their focus is simplicity in design. If you can do it on mobile, you can do it on desktop.

Listen to episode #425 of Negotiations Ninja to learn more about Levelpath, how they secured funding (and who’s backing them), and why an obsessive focus on your customers is a game-changer.