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Empower Your Employees: 2024’s Top Game-Changing Training Courses

Employees Training Courses

Providing your team with access to continuous training opportunities is a great way to keep your business operating efficiently. Whether training them to become better time managers, stronger negotiators, or diplomatic problem solvers through conflict resolution training; investing in regular employee courses for your team can improve team morale and productivity. In fact, according to data published by PwC, 74% of workers hope to attain new skills through ongoing training opportunities, with most preferring to have training opportunities offered by their employer on a monthly or quarterly basis. Furthermore, 92% of employees report that employee training has a positive impact on their engagement in the workplace.

In addition to being good for your team, ongoing employee training can give you a competitive edge over other businesses in your industry thanks to a more efficient and educated team. 

Here are some of the top employee courses for employers to invest in for 2024.

The Conflict Resolution Course

Help employees understand and manage conflicts that occur in the workplace with conflict resolution training. This course from Negotiations Ninja covers a variety of topics that help your team become better, more productive employees. Employees will learn to diagnose, manage, and resolve conflict effectively.

Cross-Skill Training

Employees who undergo cross-skill training create a stronger, more flexible workforce. This type of employee course teaches your team members to handle multiple tasks and job functions simultaneously, which ensures you have coverage across multiple departments, even when you’re not fully staffed. 

Cross-training minimizes downtime and increases employee collaboration. In most cases, businesses handle cross-training in-house, ensuring that employees have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in multiple departments. 

The Negotiation Success Program

Negotiations Ninja’s 12-hour, 3-day negotiation training program can help your team become better salespeople and, ultimately, help you increase your profits and improve business relationships. The course is ideal for procurement, sales, project management, operations, and business leadership teams. Employees learn skills such as question funnelling, concession defence, body language, and voice tonality. Once certified, they’ll also be able to utilize better tactical and behavioural skills that enhance and extract value for your business. 

Time Management Training

Whether providing in-house training, hiring an external trainer or consultant, or purchasing an online course, time management training is a great way to keep employees motivated and on task. With time management training, your team will procrastinate less, engage in fewer distractions, and get more done in the workday. 

The Non-Verbal Communication Course

Non-verbal communication is an important part of persuasion. If your team works in sales, procurement, or leadership, this Negotiations Ninja course is a great way to teach skills such as body language and facial expressions to persuade others. It also teaches the art of reading body language and gestures to ensure effective communication with others. 

Improve Employee Productivity with Negotiation and Conflict Management Training

Employee courses help your team become more engaged, more productive, and more effective in their roles. While employee cross-skill training and time management training can often be conducted in-house, the art of negotiation, conflict management, and non-verbal communication, when taught by experts, can improve your sales and give you an edge over the competition. 

Negotiations Ninja is proud to offer effective online courses for business teams, including negotiation training and conflict resolution training. Contact us today to learn more and apply for our courses.