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Turning On The Like Switch

Mastering behavioral science is the key to mastering negotiation. Nearly everything humans do is based on insecurities and ego: namely the opinion of self and how others view us. Identifying and manipulating insecurities is the most efficient method to reach a favorable resolution in a negotiation. Friendship and rapport can be built and used to collect information that the other side would likely guard in a normal situation. My past... Read more

What To Ask For When Asking For A Raise

What To Ask For When Asking For A Raise Want more money in your job? Ask for more money when asking for a raise. "But Mark, it's not that easy, don't understand,'ve never worked in my industry,.....i really want this job,....blah blah blah." Nonsense!!! Granted, people get intimidated by the idea of negotiating salaries when they get a new job, but it's so critically important!!! Remember that last post on... Read more

Negotiating Performance Based Contracts

When hiring a contractor, we often put all the responsibility on them for completing what they are being hired to do, without any harm to our businesses. This is a fair notion, but there are some circumstances where we have to assume some responsibility to allow the contractor to do what we need them to do. This is the concept behind performance-based contracting. In a past episode of Negotiations Ninja,... Read more

Always Ask For More In Negotiations

Always Ask For More In Negotiations As the famous Roger Dawson said: This is the golden rule of negotiating! “Always ask for more than you expect to get.” should be tattooed on the inside of your hands so you never forget. These types of simple golden rules are so basic that sometimes we forget about them and take them for granted and often we don’t even think about why it... Read more

How To Make Your Meeting with Procurement More Effective

How To Make Your Meeting with Procurement More Effective So what happens once you’ve gotten past the lunch meeting and actually secured your first sales meeting with procurement? Well, if you’ve gotten the opportunity to present your product/service/company to me (the procurement person), try to line it up for the next time they’re at the production facility/business users location and get them to invite some of the business users who... Read more

Overcoming Adversity And Kicking Ass

Persistence is key in getting where we want to be in life and negotiations. In anything we strive for, we have to persist. In a recent episode of Negotiations Ninja podcast, I had the privilege of speaking with Molly Bloom. You might know Molly from the Academy Award-nominated movie that depicted her life, Molly’s Game. Molly lived her life striving to be the best at something, from the Olympics to... Read more

Perception in Negotiation: A How To Guide

How To Change Perception in Negotiation PERCEPTION IN NEGOTIATION IS EVERYTHING! And, changing the "perceived" value of something or someone can dramatically affect the results of the negotiation.   What is Perception in Negotiation (or to be more precise: Perceived Value)? What do I mean by perception in negotiation and perceived value? How you value your service or product and how a buyer values your service or product may be... Read more

Improvisation In Negotiation

Planning, preparation, strategy, and tactics are things we often talk about as important when going into a negotiation. They are important but equally important is the ability to think on your feet, to adapt, to read a room and act accordingly. Improvisation is a critical skill that many negotiators overlook. On one of my earlier episodes on Negotiations Ninja, I spoke with Michael Wheeler, Harvard Business School professor and author... Read more

Why Your Cold Calls To Procurement Don’t Work

Why Your Cold Calls to Procurement Don't Work Most cold calls to procurement don’t work. Not because they can’t work, but because most salespeople have no idea how to actually cold call procurement. The quality of cold calls that procurement people get on a daily basis are terrible. Sales people fumbling over their opening lines, talking about how golly gee wonderful their products are and ultimately plummeting into the abyss... Read more

Why You Should Negotiate Everything

Why You Should Negotiate Everything Seriously, I believe you should be actively negotiate everything. Or at least thinking about how you can actively getting more out of your daily interactions. "Why?" you may ask. Because you already do, so you may as well get good at it. Think about it. Your life as one negotiation after another. From the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep,... Read more