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Culture and Gender

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The Key to Negotiating with Different Cultures with Eliane Karsaklian, Ep #442

Every culture has different foundational beliefs. We may recognize the same brands and use the same products worldwide but we behave far differently. Eliane Karsaklian learned this firsthand from living in different countries. In this throwback episode, she shares how negotiating with different cultures has to start with a mindset shift. The best way to see success is through working with an expert in that culture. She shares why that’s...

Gender in Negotiations

Understanding the Role of Gender in Negotiations with Beth Fisher-Yoshida, Ep #397

What is the role of gender in negotiations? What narratives influence negotiations? Sometimes, we forget that we have agency in how we negotiate. As an expert in negotiation and conflict resolution, Beth Fisher-Yoshida has learned that one thing is foundational: to improve your negotiation, you need to start by building self-awareness. In this episode of Negotiations Ninja, she shares how understanding gender roles—and how they impact your mindset—impacts negotiations and what you can do...

Commercial vs Community Negotiation with Nokukhanya Nox Ntuli

Commercial vs Community Negotiation with Nokukhanya Nox Ntuli, Ep #393

Multiparty and multi-stakeholder negotiations are complex. Community negotiation is even more so. The process is mind-boggling. And it’s one that Nokukhanya (Nox) Ntuli navigates regularly. Nox is a South African lawyer, mediator, process facilitator, and the Head of Dispute Resolution at Compliance Advisor Ombudsman, part of the World Bank Group. Her role is an accountability mechanism within the World Bank Group. Its purpose is to accept complaints from communities that feel negatively...


Blending Eastern and Western Negotiation Styles with Mala Subramaniam, Throwback Ep #376

What are the main differences between Eastern and Western approaches to negotiation? If you approach a negotiation with an Eastern counterpart taking a Western mindset, what do you need to know to succeed? According to Mala Subramaniam, you have to take your different cultures into consideration. Learn the keys to blending Eastern and Western negotiation styles in this special throwback episode of Negotiations Ninja! (more…)


How to Develop Cultural Awareness, Throwback with Mark Davis, Ep #372

According to Mark Davis, “Culture at its very nature is pervasive in all negotiation and, in fact, it should be a framework through which you can overcome these obstacles and they rise to the surface.”  Cultural awareness is key to any negotiation, even if it isn’t overtly across cultures. So how do you develop cultural awareness? How do you learn to adapt your perspective to take into account what’s important...

Nn 371 mihai isman 1

Negotiating with Germans, Austrians, and Swiss with Mihai Isman, Ep #371

Germany, Austria, and Switzerland are all countries that speak German. And though they speak the same language, each has a unique culture and negotiating style. The way they approach communication, formalities, aggressiveness, etc., varies significantly. Mihai Isman is an International Negotiator & Conflict Resolution Expert from Germany. In this episode of Negotiations Ninja, he compares and contrasts how the Germans, Austrians, and Swiss people negotiate. (more…)

Mala Subramaniam combating fear with courage

Combating Fear with Courage with Mala Subramaniam, Ep #351

How do you combat fear with courage? How does your ego build walls in negotiations? And why, when you’re in a negotiation, should you only say something if you believe it? Mala Subramaniam—an Executive Coach, Author, and Speaker—has taught thousands of people the art of communication in negotiation. In this episode of Negotiations Ninja, Mala shares the #1 way you can combat fear in negotiation. (more…)


How to Masterfully Manage Differing Beliefs, Throwback with Richard Shell, Ep #346

You’ve gotten to a place where you point-blank asked someone what their values are. You have the answer—but it wasn’t the one you were looking for. It’s clear that you have differing beliefs. Now you’re at a crossroads: What do you do? You can’t persuade someone to change their beliefs. Negotiating over differing beliefs is a far different process than negotiating over interests. You can’t just say “Let’s split the...

Negotiating with Dutch People Michael Van Keulen

Negotiating with Dutch People per Michael Van Keulen, Ep #343

How do you negotiate with people from different cultures? How do you negotiate with people from the Netherlands? To kick off a series about negotiating with cultures from around the world, I’m chatting with Michael Van Keulen (MVK), the Chief Procurement Officer at Coupa Software. We’re focusing on negotiating with Dutch people. Listen to this episode of Negotiations Ninja to learn the steps you can take to negotiate the right way with...


Learn to Become Confident Negotiators, Throwback with Sara Laschever, Ep #336

Sara Laschever co-wrote “Ask For It: How Women Can Use Negotiation to Get What They Really Want” with Linda Babcock. Their goal was straightforward: To help women negotiate for themselves. Most women excel at negotiating for others (their clients, their kids, their coworkers, etc.) but struggle to ask for what they deserve. In this episode of Negotiations Ninja, Sara explains why this is a systemic issue and walks through what women...