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Nn 435 mario martinez

How Mario Martinez Negotiated a $46 Million Deal, Ep #435

Mario Martinez—the CEO of Vengreso and the host of the Modern Selling podcast—negotiated a 46-million-dollar deal when he worked for Sprint. How did he do it? Mario shares how he put everything on the line to make this deal a reality in this episode of Negotiations Ninja. (more…)

Nn 431 justin michael

Anchoring in High-Stakes Negotiations with Justin Michael, Ep #431

Why should you utilize anchoring? How do you anchor a deal? How early in the negotiation should you do it? After 20+ years in sales—and extensive research on neurolinguistic science, Natural Language Programming (NLP), game theory, social dynamics, behavioral psychology, and anything to do with human behavior—Justin Michael has a handle on anchoring. He shares the lessons he learned from closing high-stakes deals in this episode of Negotiations Ninja. (more…)


What Do You Do When You Trigger Reactance? Throwback with David Hoffeld, Ep #428

In episode #309, the CEO and Chief Sales Trainer at the Hoffeld Group, David Hoffeld, dives into how to leverage social proof to your benefit. David also covers what to do if you trigger reactance. According to David, reactance is “Psychological arousal that occurs when you perceive your ability to freely choose is being restricted by another person.” When you’re told you can’t do something, you want to do it even...

Ian Campbell Mastering the Value Sale

Mastering the Value Sale with Ian Campbell, Ep #427

Where does value fit in the sales funnel? How do you structure your value proposition? The value discussion is often the most difficult conversation for salespeople to have. They like to employ likability, authority, and trust. They can’t always wrap their heads around value. But value and ROI are the single most important things that procurement looks at, so you need to be able to communicate value effectively. Ian Campbell...

SaaS Renewal Negotiations

Navigating the World of SaaS Renewal Negotiations with Adam Mansfield, Ep #423

How do you prepare for SaaS renewal negotiations? How can strategic enterprise customers deploy and help increase their negotiation leverage? Adam Mansfield has the necessary knowledge to help you walk through the process and arm yourself with everything you need to know to succeed in million-dollar SaaS negotiations. He shares his expertise in this episode of Negotiations Ninja. (more…)

Nn 421 hamish knox

Tackling Buyer Requests with Hamish Knox, Ep #421

What do you do when a buyer makes a request? It can be easy to quickly say, “Sure, I’ll do that,” and give them whatever they want. However, Hamish Knox has a far better strategy that will get everyone to what they want faster. In this episode of Negotiations Ninja, Hamish tackles all things buyer requests, including understanding why they’re making a request and how to hold them accountable. (more…)

Nn 417 donald kelly

Donald Kelly’s LinkedIn Prospecting Process, Ep #417

Are salespeople doing prospecting all wrong? Are the days of cold-calling and emailing officially over? Is there a better way? Donald Kelly—also known as the “Sales Evangelist”—sure thinks so. He shares why leveraging LinkedIn in the prospecting process is the best route to take—and even shares how to do it—in this episode of Negotiations Ninja. (more…)


How to Make Negotiations Second Nature, Throwback with Julia Ewert, Ep #416

Negotiations can become second nature through diligent practice and honing of your skills. But what are the necessary skills you need to focus on? According to Julia Ewert, learning to ask open-ended questions is a great place to start. What other negotiation skills do you need to perfect? How can building skills help you in tense negotiations? Julia shares how negotiations can become second nature in this throwback episode of...


When Taking Risks Transforms Your Career, Throwback with Patrick Tinney, Ep #414

How do you differentiate yourself as a salesperson? Patrick Tinney believes taking risks might be the key to being an above average salesperson. Patrick shares the unusual way he built up his risk tolerance—and how it shaped his entire career—in this throwback episode of Negotiations Ninja.  (more…)

Steve Benson negotiation coaches

Developing Internal Sales & Negotiation Coaches with Steve Benson, Ep #413 

How can sales managers help their teams be better negotiators? How can you develop internal coaches who can help their team members improve their sales and negotiation skills? Steve Benson—the Founder and CEO of Badger Maps—shares how you can empower your team to sharpen each other’s skills in this episode of Negotiations Ninja. (more…)