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Nn 441 matthew dicks

How to Gather Stories with Matthew Dicks, Ep #441

How do you find the right stories to tell? Matthew Dicks is a phenomenal storyteller. He’s written several novels and non-fiction, including “Story Worthy.” He owns “Speak Up Storytelling” and “Story Worthy MD” to help people learn to become better storytellers—because everyone has stories to tell, they just don’t know it. He simplifies the story-gathering process in this episode of Negotiations Ninja. (more…)

Nn 439 mark carpenter

How Storytelling Increases Credibility per Mark Carpenter, Ep #439

Logic and rational thinking don’t always work to convince someone to do something. People hear “Storytelling” and think of novels, movies, TV shows, etc. They don’t see it as what it is: A skill. Intuitively, people connect through stories. It’s how we make sense of the world. Storytelling moves someone toward action. And storytelling increases credibility. Mark Carpenter shares how to craft a simple yet compelling story—and shares how they...


Why Storytelling is a Powerful Negotiation Tool According to Josh Weiss, Ep #314

Why is storytelling a powerful negotiation tool? Stories are powerful because they’re how humans communicate. Stories are memorable and drive home concepts that can be otherwise difficult to understand. Stories can make real-world applications seem tangible and make a buyer interested in a solution. So in this throwback edition of Negotiations Ninja, we revisit why storytelling is a powerful negotiation tool that must be in your arsenal. Don’t miss it!...


Throwback Thursday with Molly Bloom, Ep #206

In this throwback edition of Negotiations Ninja, we revisit a great episode with Molly Bloom. Molly spent years organizing high-stakes poker games for celebrities. It eventually led to a very public arrest and trial. If you haven't heard her story—and what she learned from her life choices—you're missing out. Check out this throwback to hear her provocative story and learn how to overcome adversity and persevere. (more…)

Nn podcast banners 149 josh weiss

Josh Weiss Emphasizes the Power of Story in Negotiation, Ep #149 

Josh Weiss believes very deeply in the power of story. When you tell a story, there isn’t debate because they’re real things that really happened—not just theory. When people are skeptical of negotiation, its value, or its applicability it's often based more on myth than fact. So Josh set out to show people what negotiation looks like in real-life in his new book, The Book of Real-World Negotiations. In this...

Nn podcast banners 116 new years

New Years Episode, Ep #116

SUMMARY 2019 was brimming with excitement at Negotiations Ninja. Fantastic discussions on the podcast, exciting content on the blog, and exceptional experiences training and coaching have made it a big year. We’re looking forward to integrating everything we’ve learned through these incredible experiences and moving forward into 2020 (more…)

Nn podcast banners 115 christmas

Christmas Episode, Ep #115

SUMMARY The end of each year brings an opportunity to reflect on our achievements before beginning new adventures. 2019 has been amazing: The Negotiations Ninja podcast made the number one negotiation podcast in the world. First-rate guests have been essential to the podcast’s success. (more…)

Nn podcast banners 103 molly bloom

Overcoming Adversity And Kicking Ass, with Molly Bloom, Ep #103 

If you haven’t heard Molly Bloom’s story you’re missing an incredible lesson in overcoming adversity. You could say she made her own bed—and she’d agree with you. The legal trouble she got into bears it out as well. What did she get into hot water over? She was involved in organizing and managing high-stakes poker games for high-profile and high net worth individuals and she stepped over a legal line....

Nn podcast banners 52

How to Generate Discussion in Negotiations, Ep #52

Many people in procurement are data-driven, analytical, and tend to be introverted. So how do you generate discussion in a negotiation so that the other party begins to talk about their business, opportunities, needs, and their wants? In this episode of Negotiations Ninja, I’ll walk you through a formulaic process to guide the conversation to get what you need (and assess what the other party needs). You can then use...