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The Introvert’s Edge = Processes with Matthew Pollard, Ep #355

The Introvert’s Edge = Processes with Matthew Pollard

Matthew Pollard wrote “The Introvert’s Edge” to help the average introvert learn that their path to success will look different than an extrovert’s. Systems and processes will allow introverts to succeed, excel, and dominate their market. Introverts can only do so well “winging it.” In this episode of Negotiations Ninja, Matthew shares that when you focus on methodology and consistency, you end up the best in the business.

Matthew jokes that he was an introverted kid with no right being in sales. But he went on to become the #1 salesperson in his company. Since then, he’s started his own business and has been responsible for five multi-million dollar success stories. Now he teaches the world how to obtain rapid growth, how to tell stories, and how to nail their messaging in their niche.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:34] Learn more about Matthew Pollard
  • [3:25] Why do introverts struggle with sales and negotiations?
  • [6:52] Approaching the development of a system and process
  • [12:34] Why processes help introverts gain control
  • [19:55] How to plan and practice stories

Why do introverts struggle with sales and negotiations?

Most introverts don’t like speaking and negotiating because they feel out of control. And if we don’t feel in control, we feel like we’ll look silly and ultimately get rejected. It’s uncomfortable.

Because of this, they feel like they have a massive disadvantage when it comes to sales and negotiation.

Mathew used to hate speaking to people, too. That’s why, when negotiating, he has a plan and a process for everything. By taking the focus off yourself and your natural skillsets and focusing on a system, two things happen: You focus on perfecting the system and take the focus off yourself.

Having processes allows you to leverage your natural strengths. Most introverts excel with active listening and the ability to empathize. Matthew’s #1 sales rule is that it’s not about you. And if introverts are skilled at anything, it’s not making things about themselves. But because they don’t have a system or process, they struggle with it.

Approaching the development of a system and process

After losing a job, Matthew fell into door-to-door sales. After five days of product training—and no sales training—he was told to go sell. His first door told him to leave, the second swore at him, and the third told him to “Get a real job.” He didn’t make a sale until his 93rd door. He could’ve given up. Instead, he decided that he needed a system.

So what does Matthew recommend introverts do? Find an introvert that you believe in. If they’ve succeeded, you can too. If it worked for them, it will work for you. Every introvert has different strengths and weaknesses, but any system will work for you if you believe in it.

Introverts tend to overeducate themselves (Matthew likes to call it “busy procrastination.”). Introverts want to create the best system. Scrap that mentality. Find any system and follow it. Then, once you have the baseline, you can build in new skills. If you start by regimenting the process, you will stop taking failure personally, you’ll perfect your system, and you’ll excel.

Why processes help introverts gain control

Introverts are terrible at small talk. So when they’re selling, striking up a conversation is typically uncomfortable. So Matthew pre-plans conversation starters. If he’s going to someone’s home, he offers to take off his shoes. If they tell him, “Don’t worry about it,” he has a story he can launch into. It not only allows him to control the conversation but also shows that he’s courteous.

When you plan a simple step-by-step process, you can leverage other things that allow you to develop rapport. Introverts focus on being mindful of people’s time (and making the best use of it). They typically think the best use of their time is to educate the customer. But that’s the worst thing to do. But stories are powerful. Listen to the whole episode to learn how Matthew teaches introverts how to tell stories!

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