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Brexit Negotiation Blowout

Brexit has been fascinating to watch, but hard to follow from North America. It has led to multiple resignations on the U.K. side and it’s still not over. Since the referendum, the Brexit negotiations team has been unable to negotiate a satisfactory deal for Parliament. They are reaching crisis status. After multiple extensions from the EU, the U.K. is in danger of being ejected from Europe without having an exit... Read more

Trump negotiation

Is Trump a Good Negotiator?

Negotiations play a large role in politics. Currently, President Donald Trump is one of the most polarizing political figures on the planet. Whether you love him or hate him, we can learn a lot from his negotiations. In order to improve our negotiation skill sets, we need to look at the underlying nature of his skills, regardless of our political views. In a recent episode of Negotiations Ninja, Marty Latz,... Read more

Critical Thinking and Decision Making in Negotiation

Effective decision-making is not always easy. We've all made decisions we regret, but, when we understand what drives our decision-making framework, we can confidently move forward and make progress. Annie Duke, a World Series of Poker champion turned business consultant, believes it's essential to get rid of our constant need for certainty and instead, replace it with a habit of accurately assessing what we know and what we don’t know.... Read more

Listen scaled

Listening is a Skill in Negotiation

The act of listening is a skill that is frequently overlooked. Like, all the time. We have been starved of the genuine act of listening. With the fast-paced nature of life, we make up the excuse that we don’t have time to intentionally listen to those around us. We're losing our listening skill set because we're not using it! With time, the scope of our digital environment is going to... Read more

3 Dimensions in Negotiation

When you look beyond the win-win and win-lose mentality of negotiation, it becomes clear there are multiple dimensions that make up the skillset. In order to be successful in the practice of negotiation, it is necessary to understand what goes on beneath the surface. David Lax, co-author of 3-D Negotiation explains that it is very common for people to spend all of their time and energy focusing on surface-level negotiation... Read more

International trade negotiations

International Trade Negotiations

When approaching the topic of negotiation, it can be challenging to understand how it is practically applied to international trade. Not only do negotiation and politics coincide, negotiation lays the framework for much of what goes on behind the scenes of international trade deals. Hampton Dowling, Managing Partner of The HCB Group, explains how negotiation is present within all political activity. “Negotiation is at the center of any and all... Read more

Negotiating as an Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, you may be asking yourself the question, “Why should I develop my negotiation skill set?” This is a fair question, especially with the constant focus on scale and growth the entrepreneurial mindset demands. Although, as Samuel Dinnar explains in this episode of Negotiations Ninja, the ability to negotiate is an essential tool in an entrepreneur's toolbox. In fact, negotiation is present in all aspects of entrepreneurship. To... Read more

Boost confidence

The Psychology of Confidence in Negotiation

Many people are afraid of negotiating because they have this perception that they don’t have the ability required to negotiate. They believe negotiation is a skill set people are simply born with. However, the reality is that negotiation is a skill you can learn and develop as a framework and a lifestyle. Mark Davis, a confidence psychology negotiation coach, explains that one of the biggest obstacles we need to overcome... Read more


Stalling for Time is the riveting memoir of Gary Noesner, the first chief of the FBI Crisis Negotiation Unit. Hostage negotiation was a budding discipline when Noesner was starting his career with the FBI in 1972 and was something he was interested in learning and wanted to “become good at.” For Noesner, negotiation became a skill to be honed and developed over his 30-year career and he worked to learn from... Read more

We’re Forgetting How to Talk to Each Other

When’s the last time you had a really great conversation with a customer or a supplier and learned something about them. You may have answered, “Never.” But if you have had a great conversation with a customer or supplier, what did you speak about? What did you learn about who they are? What did you learn about what they believe? What did you learn about what drives them? What did... Read more