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Pro to Know

Folks, forgive me a little time in the sunshine. On Friday, I was announced as a "Pro to Know" by Supply & Demand Chain Executive Magazine. This was massive news for both me and Negotiations Ninja. The business and the podcast has been growing rapidly and we've been heads down working hard creating content and delivering negotiation training programs for just over 1.5 years now. As an entrepreneur and content... Read more

The Awkward Sound of Silence

Silence may very well be one of the most powerful skills you can develop in negotiation. It may also be one of the most awkward skills to to learn. Ever tried to sit through silence after asking what is seemingly a very awkward question? It sucks! It's the most awful and strange feeling. It's almost as though you instantly become naked and feel immediately exposed to potential ridicule. It's really... Read more


Optimism Bias

It's funny that sometimes the things that makes some of us most successful can also be our greatest undoing. I just finished a fantastic book called, Entrepreneurial Negotiation. The authors Samuel (Mooly) Dinnar and Lawrence (Larry) Susskind interviewed a stack of entrepreneurs to determine how entrepreneurs negotiate and where they sometimes make mistakes. In their research they found that there are 8 mistakes that entrepreneurs regularly make with regards to negotiation.... Read more

7 Steps to a Successful Sales Meeting with Procurement

So what happens once secure your first sales meeting with procurement? As with public speaking, so it is with meeting with a procurement person, REMEMBER YOUR AUDIENCE! Understand and speak to their needs and wants!!!   STEP 1: ASK GOOD QUESTIONS AND LISTEN  In your first sales meeting with the procurement person, ask good questions and LISTEN. Ask questions about what challenges there are with existing suppliers and service providers. Find out... Read more

Losing money

If You Don’t Read This, You’ll Lose A Lot of Money

"If I could show you how to 10x your negotiation results, how would that change your life?" That's what my one liner is (was) in my online marketing material to drive action like getting people to sign up for the newsletter or buy something. It basically says, "Do something and win." There's a problem with this. The problem with that one liner is it asks the prospect to think only of... Read more

Be Quiet

Be quiet. Shut up. Don't say another word. Let the other party speak.  We so badly want to fill the awkward silence that exists in the space between receiving a message and responding to a message. Why? Because we don't want to feel alone, yes. Because we fear the potential of rejection, yes. Because we feel like something will be lost (the deal, the friendship, the relationship, etc), yes. All of... Read more

Negotiate the process

Negotiate the Process

So much can be said for preparation in negotiation, but even if you prepare, study, and have your questions ready, you can still hit a brick wall if you don't negotiate the process, understand and set expectations, and agree to next steps. It's quite dangerous to walk into a complex negotiation and begin shooting (even if you've prepared) without first discussing and agreeing to process on the things that will... Read more

Group conversation

Feedback Loops

How do you know how well you actually did in a negotiation? I mean, you have a result after the fact, but does that really tell you anything? Sure, you learn whether you got the result that you wanted. But getting the result doesn't tell you anything other that you got a result. Does it tell you what worked? Not really. Does it tell you what didn't work? Definitely not. Does it tell... Read more


I Lost a Sale

I lost a sale this week. Usually this doesn't bother me very much. But in this case, I was particularly upset. Not at the prospect, but at my self. After a thorough after action review of the sale, it became very clear that this one was all on me. What follows are the 3 VERY COSTLY lessons I had to painfully re-learn after I didn't make the sale: Lesson #1: Pride Comes Before a... Read more

Your Talent Counts for Nothing

I was telling someone the other day how much I love what I do. Ultimately you can boil down what I do to one simple thing: Talking to people. I love it. Then that person said to me, "Obviously you're going to say you love it, you're good at it and it's a talent of yours." I had to admit that they were right. It does come fairly naturally to me.... Read more