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Good Guy/Bad Guy Negotiating

We see the good guy/bad guy routine on T.V. all the time. It's always some detective drama or movie where the two cops come in and run the routine and within minutes they're getting the suspect to spill their guts in a dimly lit room with a metal table and metal chairs. But is the good guy/bad guy routine BS or does it actually work? The scene is always the... Read more

Negotiating A Raise

I was going to write a post about all the different types of negotiations that you can have in the workplace and make a very 'listy' type post, but then I remembered that I hate those types of posts (even if they get more eyeballs). So, I decided to get specific and go through the types of negotiations you have in the workplace, but get deeper into each one. I... Read more

Splitting The Difference And Other Crazy Ideas

Well, I guess I should say, don't offer to split the difference. There can be very good reasons to accept someone else's offer to split the difference, but there's never a good reason to offer to split the difference. ​ Let's say for example you're purchasing software licenses (originally offered at $70 per user and you originally countered with $40) and you've gone through a few rounds of negotiation and... Read more

Price Transparency In Negotiations

"I need you to break this price down for me.", "What is behind this price.", "Please show me the cost build up.", "Please provide full price transparency." If you're a salesperson you've heard this request or some request of this question more times than you care to count. If you're a procurement person, this is a part of your daily repertoire. You expect price transparency. Why is price transparency such... Read more