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Persuasion and Influence

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Take command of your mindset

Take Command of Your Mindset with Joe Hart, Ep #445

Dale Carnegie is a global training organization with 200 operations in 86 countries. Its instructors teach the Dale Carnegie course following the model he developed over 100 years ago. Joe Hart took the course as a young lawyer, and it changed the trajectory of his life. He left law and went into business, and the course helped him see a different vision for his future. Joe and Michael Cromm wrote...

Nn 443 andreas winheller

The Right Way to Negotiate with Andreas Winheller, Ep #443

Is there one right way to negotiate? Is one methodology superior to the other? For the last 30+ years, “Getting to Yes” was the book on negotiation. More recently, “Never Split the Difference” has become the book on negotiation. The vast majority of people read the top-selling book(s) in a category and think they’re fully educated. That’s just impossible. In this episode of Negotiations Ninja, Andreas Winheller, a negotiation consultant and trainer, shares why no one way is...


Emotional vs. Logical Commitments, Throwback with Svitlana Kalitsun, Ep #438

When it comes to tense emotional situations, getting a commitment from the counterparty can be tough. We know that a commitment usually leads to positive outcomes. So how do we leverage emotion to help people make logical commitments? Svitlana Kalitsun—a Ukrainian negotiation expert and lawyer—shares her thought-process in this throwback episode of Negotiations Ninja.  (more…)

Nn 433 keld jensen

Are You an Unconsciously Incompetent Negotiator? Keld Jensen Weighs In, Ep #433 

Why are most negotiators unconsciously incompetent? Keld lives and breathes negotiation. He’s been negotiating since 1998. Before that, he was the CEO of a tech company. He thought he was a great negotiator but realized he was unconsciously incompetent. It was a terrible realization. What you choose to do when you’re hit with the realization dictates whether or not you’ll become a competent negotiator. Learn more in this intriguing episode...

buying a vineyard

Buying a Vineyard: Negotiating the Intangibles, Ep #429

How do you negotiate the purchase of a vineyard or winery? What intangibles do you need to consider? According to James Cluer, vineyards hold different values to different people depending on different things. What makes James qualified to address this unique subject? (more…)


Rags-to-Riches: Shaahin Cheyene’s Rise to Millionaire, Ep #422

Shaahin Cheyene, the founder and president of Accelerated Intelligence, is known for being an Amazon Guru. He’s spent the last two decades helping others leverage the platform to find success. But before he built his Amazon empire, he led a rag-to-riches story that you have to hear to believe. Hear his fascinating story in this throwback episode of Negotiations Ninja!  (more…)


How to Balance IQ and EQ in Negotiation, Throwback with Joanna Shea, Ep #420

How you perceive value will always be different than how a seller sees it. They’re emotionally attached to the companies they’ve built. But you have to be careful that you don’t get overly attached, either. The more attached you become to the outcome you desire, the less desirable the outcome. Joanna Shea shares how to balance IQ and EQ in this throwback episode of Negotiations Ninja.  (more…)


Barter Your Way to an Agreement, Throwback with Brian Gunia, Ep #418

What is the difference between bargaining and bartering? What mistakes do people make in the bartering process? Why does Brian Gunia view negotiation as bartering? In this throwback episode of Negotiations Ninja, Brian shares how bartering forces negotiators to think creatively to come up with solutions and ultimately land on agreements. (more…)

Chris Chabris

Nobody’s Fool with Chris Chabris, Ep #415

Why are people so easily misinformed or manipulated? In hindsight, it’s easy to question “How did that fool me?” But when you’re “in it” you don’t realize it. Why? Why are people taken in by things that are absurd? There are signs that we can learn to notice. Chris wrote “Nobody’s Fool” to answer what it is about our minds and how they work that makes us vulnerable. They aren’t...


Overcoming Information Asymmetry in Negotiation, Throwback with Simon Rycraft, Ep #408

Information asymmetry occurs when one side has more information than the other. In any negotiation, each side has more knowledge than the other in specific areas. It’s your job to ask the right questions to fill in the gaps and level the playing field. Simon Rycraft shares what else you need to do to overcome information asymmetry in this throwback episode of Negotiations Ninja! (more…)