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Predictive Procurement with Edmund Zagorin, Ep #440

One of procurement's roles is to achieve cost savings while balancing the needs of the company. Predictive procurement starts with defining things like: What has to be true for the prediction to be accurate The level of confidence of the person making the prediction If something changes, is the prediction invalid? Predicting cost savings isn’t easy. That’s why Edmund Zagorin leverages technology. Learn why you should invest in predictive procurement...


Jeanette Nyden Uncomplicates Scope of Work, Throwback, Ep #432

Scope of work clauses aren’t technically complex or complicated. But they’re where people repeatedly make mistakes. Jeanette starts by making sure the business objective is clear, creates good acceptance criteria, gathers the right KPIs and SLAs, and collaborates with her counterparts. Jeanette uncomplicates scope of work clauses in this throwback episode of Negotiations Ninja.


How to Argue Precedent in Negotiations, Throwback with Joel Trachtman, Ep #430

Have you ever heard a counterpart say, “This is how we’ve always done it” when they don’t want to make a change? How can you help them move beyond their argument to see the potential of your solution? Help them see the “precedent” or characteristics from past positive outcomes that will be the same for them. Learn how to do just that in this throwback episode of Negotiations Ninja with...

Nn 425

Finding Success by Being Customer-Obsessed with Alex Yakubovich and Stan Garber, Ep #425

What have Alex Yakubovich and Stan Garber learned from founding and successfully exiting their own companies? Being customer-obsessed is the key to success. It’s the mindset they’re embracing in their newest venture, Levelpath. Alex and Stan share how being customer-obsessed has shaped their past successes and their current project in this episode of Negotiations Ninja. (more…)

SaaS Renewal Negotiations

Navigating the World of SaaS Renewal Negotiations with Adam Mansfield, Ep #423

How do you prepare for SaaS renewal negotiations? How can strategic enterprise customers deploy and help increase their negotiation leverage? Adam Mansfield has the necessary knowledge to help you walk through the process and arm yourself with everything you need to know to succeed in million-dollar SaaS negotiations. He shares his expertise in this episode of Negotiations Ninja. (more…)


The Biggest Problem with Procurement Data, Throwback with Susan Walsh, Ep #412

According to Susan Walsh, “The quality of your data determines the quality of your negotiation.” Procurement professionals need a classification system in place to ensure that they’re not relying on dirty data. Your data needs to be consistent, organized, accurate, and trustworthy (COAT). If it isn’t, you’re likely costing your business money. Susan Walsh—i.e. The Classification Guru—shares the biggest problem with procurement data (and what to do about it) in...


Negotiating with Artificial Intelligence, Throwback with Martin Rand, Ep #410

In 2020, we had a conversation about how AI could positively impact negotiations. Now, three years later, artificial intelligence is front and center, seemingly in every corner of society. Martin Rand’s thoughts on the use of artificial intelligence in negotiation is more relevant than ever. Learn more about how you and your business can leverage AI in this throwback episode of Negotiations Ninja. (more…)


Overcoming Information Asymmetry in Negotiation, Throwback with Simon Rycraft, Ep #408

Information asymmetry occurs when one side has more information than the other. In any negotiation, each side has more knowledge than the other in specific areas. It’s your job to ask the right questions to fill in the gaps and level the playing field. Simon Rycraft shares what else you need to do to overcome information asymmetry in this throwback episode of Negotiations Ninja! (more…)


Combating Procurement Vulnerabilities, Throwback with Rich Ham, Ep #402

Because the growth of procurement teams in organizations isn’t prioritized, they’re being taken advantage of. Expense management and the development of important internal and external relationships are being neglected. Suboptimal short-term contracts are being signed out of pure necessity. What can procurement do to navigate these vulnerabilities? How can they avoid being taken advantage of by their counterparts? Rich Ham dives into the topic in this throwback episode of Negotiations...


IP Clauses Simplified with Jeanette Nyden and Lawrence Kane, Ep #400

Intellectual property is an asset. It can be a trademark, trade secrets, copyrights, patents, and more. Whoever designed—or developed—these assets are protected through intellectual property law. So how do contract professionals need to navigate IP clauses to protect these assets? Jeanette Nyden and Lawrence Kane break it down in this throwback episode of Negotiations Ninja!  (more…)