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Episode 19 – Phil Ideson on the Art of Procurement

SUMMARY Interviewing Phil Ideson was quite exciting for me because Phil was actually somewhat of an inspiration for me and part of the reason I started the Negotiations Ninja Podcast. If you're ever trying to find out information about procurement and what the trends are, where everyone's going, where technology is moving, latest processes and procedures, he is the guy that is going to get you that information on his Art...

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Episode 15 – Vitold Horodecki on Procurement Is Tough Love

SUMMARY Vitold is the CPO for the America's region for Capgemini (an information services company based out of Paris) and is quickly becoming my favourite Frenchman. Our conversation was focused around the pace of change in technology, and what's required from a procurement and negotiations point of view to keep pace with that change. I'm excited that I was able to get this interview with Vitold as it ties in...

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Episode 14 – Howard Richman on It & Is Negotiation

SUMMARY ​Howard Richman is the head of global indirect procurement at Citrix Systems. He has developed, negotiated, and executed category strategies for pretty much every indirect category you can think of. Howard has presented at IACCM on both software negotiations and how to run a legal services procurement category. He has led numerous round tables at Procurement Leaders at Marcus Evans CPO events, and was a recent keynote speaker at...

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Episode 12 – Tarek Alaruri on Price Transparency in Negotiation

SUMMARY I'm joined by Tarek Alaruri of We split our discussion and focus on price transparency in the procurement industry, especially around price transparency in negotiation. And then we switch gears and talk about tailspend. 20% of vendors produce 80% of the spend, so what should we focus on optimizing? What about the forgotten 80% of vendors that produce 20% of the spend? It was a super fun conversation....


Episode 10 – Anthony Iannarino on Collaboration Between Sales and Procurement

SUMMARY ​So this podcast is kind of a big deal for me and It's a milestone podcast! Podcast number 10! And I couldn't think of anyone better to celebrate it with than Anthony Iannarino! Anthony is a speaker, a best-selling author of two books - both are fantastic - and a sales leader. He has worked for and spoken to global giants like Accenture, Abbott Labs, NetJets and Wells...

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Episode 9 – Scout on the Future of Procurement

SUMMARY ​Stan Garber, Alex Yakubovich and Greg Tennyson can see the future. In this episode we discuss technology's role in procurement and negotiations, where we are, where we're going, how do we get there. Stan and Alex started Scout, which is an intuitive Cloud based platform which encompasses everything from project intake through sourcing pipeline to contract and supplier management, RFX, and reverse auction tools. This conversation blew my mind....

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Episode 5 – Angus McIntosh on Negotiation in Procurement

SUMMARY Angus McIntosh may be one of the most eloquent speakers on procurement specific negotiation I've spoken to. We cover a ton of content on procurement specific negotiation in this episode and talk about how less than half the outcomes of negotiations are determined by the predictable factors like relative power and relationship history and the rest is actually about situation awareness and control (control of the self and control...

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Episode 4 – Stephany Lapierre on Supplier Intelligence

SUMMARY In this episode we interview Stephany Lapierre, the founder and CEO of Tealbook, a supplier intelligence company. Steph’s been recognized as an influencer by PharmaVOICE 100, was selected as the 2017 Provider Pro To Know by Supply & Demand Chain Magazine and has won many awards for her innovative approach to supplier intelligence. We focus on that value of supplier intelligence, the leverage it creates in negotiations and what separates...

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Episode 3 – Don Klock on the Importance of Planning

SUMMARY In this episode, we interview Don Klock, a professor of Supply Chain Management at Rutgers Business School.  Don has over 30 years of international and domestic experience with major multinational consumer products corporations like Mars and Colgate Palmolive, where he was most recently their Chief Procurement Officer. As you'll hear, he has fantastic advice around the value of planning in negotiation. He’s a legend in the world of procurement...

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Episode 2 – Greg Tennyson on Negotiating Intelligently

SUMMARY In this episode, we interview Greg Tennyson, a man called the most forward-thinking procurement executive in the U.S.. Greg is a recognized global executive with extensive experience leading transformative change across a wide range of organizations for Fortune 500 companies.  He’s currently the Chief Procurement Officer at VSP Global and previously held the same role at and Oracle. (more…)