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Nn 305 brian gunia

Why You Should Approach Negotiation with a Bartering Mindset with Brian Gunia, Ep #305

Why should you approach negotiation with a bartering mindset? You have to think of negotiating as making a set of mutually beneficial trades with a series of people. You’re walking around a market and identifying partners with compatible needs and offerings. But there are some mental hurdles to overcome. So Brian Gunia joins me in this episode of Negotiations Ninja to share more about bartering and discuss how powerful it...


Ed Brodow’s Columbo-Style Negotiation Method, Ep #302

Deal—or no deal? Ed Brodow—a self-proclaimed old-school negotiator—shares how old-school negotiation techniques are still applicable in the modern world. Negotiators are assertive and unafraid to challenge the status quo. They also aren’t afraid to walk away from a deal. If Ed’s Columbo-style negotiation method fails, he’s not afraid to walk. Learn more about his old-style negotiation methods in this fun throwback episode of Negotiations Ninja! (more…)

Nn 297 suzanne de janasz

Learn to Recognize Opportunities to Negotiate with Suzanne de Janasz, Ep #297

How do you learn to recognize opportunities to negotiate? Or do you see opportunities, but choose to ignore them for a variety of reasons? In this episode of Negotiations Ninja, Suzanne de Janasz shares some of the underlying issues she sees that keep people from negotiating. She also shares how you can learn to recognize and take advantage of opportunities to negotiate in your everyday life. Don’t miss it! (more…)

Nn 291 rich ham

3 Vulnerabilities Procurement Leaders are Facing with Rich Ham, Ep #291

Procurement hasn’t kept pace with overall corporate growth. As a result, today’s procurement leaders are being asked to do the work of 2–3 people. They can’t perform the same tasks that they may have been able to complete 15 years ago. The reality has created new vulnerabilities: the inability to manage expenses, develop required relationships, and the threat of lost business. Rich Ham discusses the 3 vulnerabilities procurement leaders are...

Nn 289 jeanette nyden lawrence kane

Negotiating Intellectual Property Clauses with Jeanette Nyden + Lawrence Kane, Ep #289

There’s no beating around the bush—intellectual property clauses are complicated. They’re even more complex to negotiate. How do you decide who owns what when hiring someone to create something for you? How contract professionals should approach negotiating intellectual property clauses is a tough conversation that Jeanette Nyden and Lawrence Kane happily tackle in this episode of Negotiations Ninja. If you’re ready for a deep dive into the nuances of IP clauses, give...

Nn 287 fotini iconomopoulos

How to Ask for More Money the Right Way with Fotini Iconomopoulos, Ep #287

How do you ask for more money the right way? What phrases should you avoid in salary negotiations? How do you prove you’re “worth” what you’re asking for? How do you overcome imposter syndrome and act with confidence and decisiveness? Fotini Iconomopoulos breaks down the answers to these questions and simplifies the process so that anyone can negotiate their salary with ease. Don’t miss what she says in this episode...

Nn ep 279 approved

The Negotiation Mythbusters Tackle 3 Widely Held Beliefs, Ep #279

When a bad idea is enshrined in an industry, the foundation you build your strategy on is weak at best. That’s problematic, right? That’s why you NEED to start questioning conventional “wisdom.” It’s what Dan Oblinger and Allan Tsang have done for years. It’s also the premise of their new book, “Negotiation Mythbusters: Rethinking Everything You Know About Building Strong Agreements.” In their book, they dissect 30 commonly held negotiation...

Nn 277 edmund zagorin approved

Predicting and Achieving Cost-Savings in Procurement with Edmund Zagorin, Ep #277

What does predictive procurement mean? Can you truly predict pricing? The ability to predict and achieve cost-savings in procurement and supply chain is where there’s often a gap. How do you make an accurate prediction based on data and then achieve it? Edmund Zagorin, the founder of Bid Ops, shares how you can make accurate predictions and achieve the elusive cost savings in this episode of Negotiations Ninja. (more…)

Nn ep 275 jeanette nyden

Dissecting the Liquidated Damages Clause with Jeanette Nyden, Ep #275

Welcome back to the informal series on commonly disputed legal clauses (from a procurement perspective). Today, Jeanette Nyden returns to talk about liquidated damages. Jeanette will help us bridge the legal world and the commercial world. Liquidated damages are more on the commercial side of legal language. What are liquidated damages? How does the clause work? How do you calculate the value of liquidated damages? Listen to this episode for...

Nn 270 jeannette nyden

Understanding Indemnities with Jeanette Nyden, Ep #270

Jeanette Nyden is back to talk about indemnities. She is an attorney and has spent 15 years practicing law — which is why she can talk at a high level about what indemnities are and how they apply to the world of contract professionals. She’s spent 18 years teaching people how to negotiate complex contracts. It’s where her passion for making boilerplate language accessible for the contract professional has come...