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Episode 3 – Don Klock on the Importance of Planning

SUMMARY In this episode, we interview Don Klock, a professor of Supply Chain Management at Rutgers Business School.  Don has over 30 years of international and domestic experience with major multinational consumer products corporations like Mars and Colgate Palmolive, where he was most recently their Chief Procurement Officer. As you'll hear, he has fantastic advice around the value of planning in negotiation. He’s a legend in the world of procurement...


Episode 2 – Greg Tennyson on Negotiating Intelligently

SUMMARY In this episode, we interview Greg Tennyson, a man called the most forward-thinking procurement executive in the U.S.. Greg is a recognized global executive with extensive experience leading transformative change across a wide range of organizations for Fortune 500 companies.  He’s currently the Chief Procurement Officer at VSP Global and previously held the same role at and Oracle. (more…)


Episode 1 – Dominic Rubino on Franchise Negotiations

SUMMARY Dominic is a serial entrepreneur who also happens to be a business coach.  He has built and sold two multinational businesses in the last two years. He is the global franchisor for a company called Focal Point Coaching which is a company that he took from 6 units to 200 units in just a few short years. Dominic is also the host of the ZorBusiness Podcast, where he educates other franchisors...


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