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Negotiating Performance-Based Contracts with Jeanette Nyden, Ep #58

Jeanette Nyden—a commercial contract coach—joins me on this episode of the Negotiations Ninja podcast to discuss how to negotiate performance-based contracts. We discussed what performance-based contracts are, why they're important, what to think about when putting together performance-based contracts, and some of the rewards systems that can be put in place. Don’t miss it! (more…)


Public Procurement Vs Private Procurement with Harrison Smith, Ep #57

Harrison Smith—the Acting Chief Procurement Officer at the IRS—is on the Negotiations Ninja Podcast to talk about how procurement and negotiation work in the government. We got into a very interesting discussion on the difference between public and private procurement. It gave me a new appreciation for the work our brethren in public procurement do. The amount of pressure that these folks must be under to keep all stakeholders engaged...


How Women Can Develop Confidence in Negotiation with Wies Bratby, Ep #56

Sadly, negotiation is a life skill that women typically don't get taught. And Wies Bratby’s mission is to correct that. Wies, the Chief Enthusiasm Officer at Women in Negotiation, teaches how women can empower themselves to negotiate raises, promotions, and better benefits for themselves. Ultimately it all comes down to the development of confidence. And as I learned, women view negotiating for themselves very differently than negotiating for others. Learn...


Human Behavior Hacking In Negotiations with Susan Ibitz, Ep #55

Some people hack computer systems but Susan Ibitz hacks human behavior. Susan runs a company called the Human Behavior Lab where she and her team specialize in face reading, statement analysis, body language, and micro-expressions. In this episode, we jump into these four areas with both feet and discuss how understanding each of these areas can make you a better negotiator and a better communicator. Susan even shares how you...


How to Negotiate a Raise, Ep #54

I’ve had a stack of people reach out to me and ask how to negotiate a raise or a new salary. The raise/salary negotiation is likely the most foreboding negotiation most people ever have to go through. And it’s something that almost everyone will have to face. So in this episode of Negotiations Ninja, I’ll be laying out, step-by-step, exactly how to negotiate a raise or new salary. It’s not...


Nonverbal Communications in Negotiation, Ep #53

Joe Navarro has spent a lifetime observing others. He spent 25 years as a Special Agent for the FBI, conducting and supervising interrogations of spies and other dangerous criminals, honing his mastery of nonverbal communication. (more…)


How to Generate Discussion in Negotiations, Ep #52

Many people in procurement are data-driven, analytical, and tend to be introverted. So how do you generate discussion in a negotiation so that the other party begins to talk about their business, opportunities, needs, and their wants? In this episode of Negotiations Ninja, I’ll walk you through a formulaic process to guide the conversation to get what you need (and assess what the other party needs). You can then use...


Magic, Negotiation and Deception with Brian Brushwood, Ep #51

I’ve been waiting to have this conversation for a long time. Full confession, I’m a huge magic fan. And one of my favorite acts is a guy named Brian Brushwood. He’s a magician, podcaster, author and television personality. Brian also has a great show called Scam School where he teaches viewers how to use magic to scam beers off of friends in the bar—but for a good reason. (more…)


Hostage and Crisis Negotiations with Jack Cambria, Ep #50

This is a very personal conversation I had with a living legend in the world of hostage and crisis negotiations. This interview challenged me on more levels than I thought it would and it personally feels like the best interview I’ve ever done, but not because of anything I did. (more…)


Negotiation in the Entertainment Business with Kurt Dahl, Ep #49

Kurt is an entertainment lawyer and has been actively involved in the music industry for the past two decades. His clients range from Juno-winning bands, record labels, publishers, and managers, to the smallest up-and-coming artists. He tours the country regularly with his band “One Bad Son,” working with some of the biggest names in the music business, like Def Leppard and Judas Priest. Kurt and I talk about negotiating in...