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How to Execute as Young Procurement Professionals, Ep #66

What does it take for young procurement professionals to hit the ground running and execute as soon as they’re hired? Many young professionals don’t know how to pick up the slack, make a good impression, and immediately add value when joining an organization. In this episode of Negotiations Ninja, Roy Anderson shares his wealth of experience and what it takes to start executing upon being hired. (more…)


Negotiating Over Text, Email and Social Media, Ep #65

Negotiating over text, email, and social media is sadly becoming a reality that we must learn to navigate. So how do we work best with those text-based mediums in our negotiations? Mark Lowther—a negotiation and communication coach and former crisis and hostage negotiator—joins us in today's episode of Negotiations Ninja to share his tips and advice about managing negotiations in the new digital landscape. (more…)


Happy New Year Negotiations Ninja listeners! Ep #64

Happy New Year Negotiations Ninja listeners! I'm excited to share updates and changes coming in 2019. But first, you can't look forward to 2019 without reflecting on 2018. In this special episode of Negotiations Ninja, I present our top five most downloaded podcasts with highlights and insights from each fantastic guest. So sit back as we recap what we've been through and where we're going! (more…)


Merry Christmas from Negotiations Ninja, Ep #63

SUMMARY Merry Christmas from Negotiations Ninja Podcast. Thank you so much for an amazing year of listening. Without you I wouldn't have a show, so thank you! (more…)


Negotiate Better Performance from Your Employees with Tim Cronin, Ep #62

How do you negotiate better performance out of your employees? Is there a way to negotiate that is respectful yet to the point? Tim Cronin—Chief Procurement Officer at Florida Blue—visited the show to discuss negotiating with your employees. In this fascinating conversation, we talk about having challenging employee discussions, aligning the business’s goals to the employee’s goals, and radical candor. (more…)

turn on the like switch with jack schafer

Turning on the Like Switch with Jack Schafer, Ep #61

How can we create situations to elicit more information from someone where they don’t even realize they’re giving away that information? For the longest time, that was Jack Schafer’s job at the FBI as a behavioral analyst. Through years of experience turning foreign agents into informants, he built up a unique skill set. Through the use of certain behavioral techniques and cues, Jack teaches us how to gain and leverage...


Unlocking Yes in Sales Negotiations, Ep #60

In this episode of Negotiations Ninja, we talk about the new revised edition of Pat Tinney’s great book, “Unlocking Yes.” His book is a field guide for salespeople on how to negotiate. We dive into what it takes to negotiate good deals as a salesperson and the value of being able to tell a story. We even cover how to smartly withdraw from deals that just don’t feel right because,...


How to Become a Trusted Advisor with Jay Sklar, Ep #59

We hear the term “Trusted Advisor” so much that I feel like it’s losing a bit of its meaning. So many of us have different ideas about what ‘it’ is and what it takes to become a trusted advisor. Our internal business stakeholders desperately need us to be trustworthy. So what does it take to build that trust? How can we advise internal stakeholders and improve decision quality around supply...


Negotiating Performance-Based Contracts with Jeanette Nyden, Ep #58

Jeanette Nyden—a commercial contract coach—joins me on this episode of the Negotiations Ninja podcast to discuss how to negotiate performance-based contracts. We discussed what performance-based contracts are, why they're important, what to think about when putting together performance-based contracts, and some of the rewards systems that can be put in place. Don’t miss it! (more…)


Public Procurement Vs Private Procurement with Harrison Smith, Ep #57

Harrison Smith—the Acting Chief Procurement Officer at the IRS—is on the Negotiations Ninja Podcast to talk about how procurement and negotiation work in the government. We got into a very interesting discussion on the difference between public and private procurement. It gave me a new appreciation for the work our brethren in public procurement do. The amount of pressure that these folks must be under to keep all stakeholders engaged...