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Leveraging linkedin sales navigator for prospecting

Leveraging LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Prospecting 

Donald Kelly started working in B2B sales in college but found more success in B2C. When he decided to transition back to B2B, he said he was “Kicked in the face.” He didn’t know what he was doing. Luckily, the company he was working for put him through some training, which changed everything for him. He had to share what he’d learned. So he launched “The Sales Evangelist” brand. Donald believes that... Read more

Negotiation Training in B2B Sales

Setting the Standard: Why Industry Leaders Prioritize Negotiation Training in B2B Sales

In today’s fast-paced, digitally-driven B2B sales landscape, industry leaders are recognizing the important role that negotiation training plays in shaping successful sales strategies. This is driven by the evolving dynamics of sales interactions and the changing behaviour of buyers, both of which result in a need for sales teams to adapt their skills to conquer new challenges.  The Evolving Sales Landscape Gone are the days when sales cycles primarily began... Read more

ask probing questions

Ask Probing Questions to Avoid Manipulation

Modern scams are customized to their target. With spearfishing, scammers send an email to a smaller set of targeted people to get their password(s). Often, they know something about that person which makes it easier to get that information. Psychics make themselves seem more credible by doing research. They often know who’s in the audience in advance and learn information about them beforehand. How was this proven? People have created fake Facebook... Read more

Employee Turnover

The Financial Impact of Employee Turnover and How Conflict Resolution Courses Can Help

Employee turnover is a significant concern for Canadian businesses. According to the HR Reporter, Canada ranks fourth in turnover rates worldwide at 16%. While the cost of turnover varies for every role depending on salary and onboarding processes, the price associated with hiring and training a new employee is substantial in just about every business.  Thankfully, there’s a great way to reduce turnover in your organization. Conflict resolution courses can... Read more

best negotiation training

Transforming Your Sales Team: the ROI of Investing in Negotiation Training

In the fast-paced world of sales, negotiation skills are more than just an asset—they’re necessary. A strong negotiator is more likely to close the deal when it comes to your salespeople, and those who’ve undergone negotiation training are most likely to lead the pack. The Power of Negotiation Training Equipping your sales team with negotiation training courses can transform their approach to sales, leading to measurable improvements in revenue generation... Read more

price objections

A Simple Strategy to Handle Price Objections in Negotiations 

How do you protect your margin? If someone wants to negotiate the price of a deal, how do you navigate that as a salesperson? In a recent episode of Negotiations Ninja, Steve Benson emphasizes, “Where there is a price, there will always be objections to that price—especially in this economy.” Buyers are always thinking about the benefits and the tradeoff of what they’re going to be paying vs what they’re going to... Read more

Ryan Dunlap’s C4 Framework for Conflict Resolution

Ryan Dunlap is a conflict strategist. He helps leaders and teams improve how they show up in conflict. He has a background in law enforcement, hostage negotiation, crisis intervention, etc. He went into ministry for a long time before landing in executive leadership. No matter what room he was in, he saw that people struggled with the same problem: conflict. People are afraid to ask for help navigating conflict. So... Read more

Negotiation Skills

Beyond the Deal: How Negotiation Skills Enhance Client Onboarding and Retention

Regardless of your place in the business world, there’s one skill that often stands high above the rest: negotiation. Negotiation skills come with both immediate and long-term benefits, helping employees and leaders shape the future of their companies in sales, as well as throughout other facets of business, including client onboarding and retention.  Negotiation Beyond the Boardroom When you picture a negotiation, the image that likely springs to mind is... Read more

Conflict Resolution

Why Top Companies are Prioritizing Conflict Resolution as a Key HR Strategy

Collaboration is an important function of nearly every workplace, and unfortunately, every collaborative team has its conflicts and challenges. While marketing, strategy, and financial management are typical buzzwords that you’ll often hear floating around in the corporate world, conflict resolution is another term that’s gaining traction. This is particularly true in forward-thinking companies with proactive, resolution-focused HR departments.  The Negative Impact of Workplace Conflict Workplace conflict is more than just... Read more

inner conflict

The Inner Conflict that Prevents Success

A question that we’ve been asking and dissecting a lot lately is, “Why won’t people just ask?” The answer is different for numerous reasons, but a lot of it stems from inner conflict. It’s something J. Paul Nadeau addresses in his book, “Dammit, Just Ask!” Paul Nadeau is a keynote speaker on negotiation, mental wellness, and conflict resolution. He’s a former hostage negotiator, international peacekeeper, and interrogator. He hunted down... Read more