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Conflict Resolution

Why Top Companies are Prioritizing Conflict Resolution as a Key HR Strategy

Collaboration is an important function of nearly every workplace, and unfortunately, every collaborative team has its conflicts and challenges. While marketing, strategy, and financial management are typical buzzwords that you’ll often hear floating around in the corporate world, conflict resolution is another term that’s gaining traction. This is particularly true in forward-thinking companies with proactive, resolution-focused HR departments.  The Negative Impact of Workplace Conflict Workplace conflict is more than just... Read more

inner conflict

The Inner Conflict that Prevents Success

A question that we’ve been asking and dissecting a lot lately is, “Why won’t people just ask?” The answer is different for numerous reasons, but a lot of it stems from inner conflict. It’s something J. Paul Nadeau addresses in his book, “Dammit, Just Ask!” Paul Nadeau is a keynote speaker on negotiation, mental wellness, and conflict resolution. He’s a former hostage negotiator, international peacekeeper, and interrogator. He hunted down... Read more

Negotiation techniques

Overcoming Price Pushbacks: Negotiation Techniques for Premium B2B Offers

Overcoming price objections is an intricate and delicate skill, but it is one of the most crucial skills anyone in a B2B sales needs. Effective negotiation techniques for B2B sales require a certain level of knowledge and finesse to navigate properly. Individuals need to be able to assess context, identify client pain points, and offer a rebuttal that doesn’t compromise the deal all within a conversation. In order to successfully... Read more

Negotiation Training

Closing the Deal: How Negotiation Training Facilitates Faster Sales Cycles

When it comes to negotiating, especially in the sales world, too often, companies are simply not prepared in any facet. People tend to think negotiation is only a soft skill. Either you got it, or you don’t. This way of thinking is why companies with no formal negotiation processes or training in place show a 63 percent decrease in net profit. Investing in negotiation training is one of the best... Read more

conflict resolution training

Measuring the Impact: Metrics to Track the Success of Conflict Resolution Training

Conflict is bound to happen, whether it’s between clients, colleagues, or stakeholders. It is as a part of life, as anything else. Conflict resolution is a key skill that’s valuable within any organization. Unfortunately, many people have trouble seeing the value of conflict resolution training. One common inquiry that is posed when it comes to conflict resolution courses is how do you track and measure its success? What metrics would... Read more

watch your weekend problem

Build Rapport with Glen Poulos’s “Watch Your Weekend Problem” Strategy

Glenn Poulos has been in sales since 1985. His first six years in sales were spent as an employee. When his company wouldn’t allow him to start his own spin-off, he quit and started his own company—which he ran for 15 years. He sold that company and started another, Gap Wireless, which he also ran for 15 years and sold in February 2022. In each of his companies, he bought... Read more

Conflict Resolution as a Key Pillar of Employee Wellness

Conflict Resolution as a Key Pillar of Employee Wellness

Conflict is one unavoidable component of life. No matter how you attempt to evade and avoid it, it is bound to happen. Workplace conflict, as we all can relate to, differs wildly from other forms of conflict we handle. It can feel unavoidable, stressful, intense, and mentally straining.  When workplaces don’t have avenues for their employees to be able to resolve their conflicts, the result is unsurprising. Poor employee wellness... Read more

Kelli thompson tackles 3 salary negotiation myths

Kelli Thompson Tackles 3 Salary Negotiation Myths

Kelli Thompson spent 15 years climbing the ladder in corporate banking. She left to work for a tech company and oversaw their HR. After that, she worked for a leadership development consulting company, which gave her her first taste of entrepreneurship. She started her own corporate practice in 2019. She specializes in helping women lead with clarity and confidence. Part of her work focuses on helping women confidently navigate salary... Read more

principles of stoicism

Leverage the Principles of Stoicism to Remain Objective in Negotiations

Can you take something subjective and make it objective? Is it possible? Negotiators can be so focused on their own arguments that they lose objectivity. Lacking an objective perspective can prevent you from finding common ground. According to Doug Witten, if you can see situations objectively, without judgment, you’ll perceive things more accurately and make better decisions. Embracing stoicism might be just what you need to be objective. Stoicism places... Read more

A tribute to the late roger dawson

A Tribute to the Late Roger Dawson

Roger Dawson was the founder of the Power Negotiation Institute, a prolific author, and one of the country's top experts on the art of negotiating. In a recent episode of Negotiations Ninja, Roger’s wife, Gisela, joined me to share more about his life and the legacy he leaves behind. Gisela and Roger’s love story Gisela was born in Germany during the war. Roger was born in London. She came to... Read more