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Advanced Negotiation Techniques

The Power of Advanced Negotiation Techniques in Boosting B2B Sales Metrics

When it comes to B2B sales, achieving success goes beyond just closing deals—it involves a sophisticated interplay of communication, relationship-building, and negotiation skills. Advanced negotiation techniques play a pivotal role in driving B2B sales metrics to new heights. And whether you’re investing in a negotiation training course or learning through trial and error, the importance of this concept remains the same.  So in this article, we’ll explore the intricacies of... Read more

ROI of Negotiation Training

ROI of Negotiation Training: The Compounding Returns of Skilled B2B Sales Negotiators

In today’s fast-paced world of business-to-business (B2B) sales, negotiation skills are the cornerstone of success. The ability to navigate complex deals, build rapport, and secure favorable terms is instrumental in driving growth and profitability. Recognizing the significant impact of skilled negotiators on the bottom line, organizations are increasingly investing in negotiation training. In this article, we explore the tangible return on investment (ROI) that arises from cultivating skilled B2B sales... Read more

Back-Channel Negotiations

When Back-Channel Negotiations Aid the Negotiation Process 

When you go somewhere where you don’t have a contextual understanding of the culture or people, it’s challenging, to say the least. That’s why Nokukhanya (Nox) Ntuli believes that a mediator’s strengths have to do with their ability to connect with people. Of course, Nox contracts with local mediators and interpreters to gain some cultural context. Their expertise complements each other, and they work holistically to resolve the conflict. Through... Read more

The Role of Conflict Resolution Courses in Building a Harmonious Workplace

The Role of Conflict Resolution Courses in Building a Harmonious Workplace

Today's fast-paced and interconnected business landscape requires a harmonious workplace; moreover, this is not just a utopian ideal, it's a vital necessity for the success and growth of any organization. Harmony while on the job assists with streamlining problem-solving and can even contribute to employee satisfaction. And one of the critical components of achieving this harmony is effective conflict resolution in the workplace. As human interactions are bound to involve... Read more


Is Vulnerability the Key to Persuasion?

People always roll their eyes when they hear that simply flashing a genuine smile is disarming (Part of it has to do with the brain and the release of oxytocin). But how else can you disarm someone to make them like you? Or make them feel like you’re their friend? Chris Hadnagy shares a few ways you can not only disarm someone but position yourself in a place of power.... Read more

blue flamer

Navigating Leadership of a Blue Flamer

Maybe you’ve heard the term “blue flamer” before. Maybe you’re sitting there thinking, “What in the world is a blue flamer?” Here’s the answer: A “blue flamer” is someone who makes a rapid ascension in an organization. Instead of gathering appropriate institutional knowledge and slowly climbing the ladder, they’re spending time preparing for the next jump. They seek to impress. The flame when a rocket launches is blue until it... Read more

Negotiate to Win

Forget BATNA: Negotiate to Win

Matthias Schranner spent 14 years as a hostage negotiator for the German police before transitioning to becoming a consultant. As a hostage negotiator, you have to play to win because someone’s life depends on it. They have to reach an agreement, or the hostage dies. If there is no alternative, then you have to be well-prepared, focused, and concentrated. If you go into a negotiation knowing you have an alternative, it will... Read more

How to Become a Change Agent

How to Become a Change Agent

Many salespeople sell something that might already exist in an organization. You have to get someone to change their mind to move toward your solution. That can be incredibly hard to achieve. There are often barriers you have to overcome. In most instances, there’s a present bias that accounts for someone’s reluctance to change. Douglas Cole points out that one of those natural barriers is the status quo. Why would... Read more

Story is the engine of EQ

Story is the Engine of EQ

Christine Miles points out that we know from neuroscience that we make the majority of our decisions based on emotion, then justify those emotional decisions with facts. But the more we understand our emotions, the less our emotions drive us and the more logical we can be—including during conflict. Secondly, our brain is always telling us a story. And our experiences shape our story. When we understand our own story,... Read more

B2B sales

Is Creating an Awareness of Problems the Key to B2B Sales?

Greg Nutter was shocked by the number of people he’s come across who have been in sales for decades and were still making rookie mistakes. So he wrote a book to cover the fundamentals: P3 Selling: The Essentials of B2B Sales Success. One of the three “Ps” that Greg covers in the book is problems. The problem might just be the most crucial part of the sales process. So where... Read more