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Negotiation Training

4 Proven Benefits Negotiation Training Can Have on Your Business

Negotiation training is among the most critical aspects of doing business. And it’s easy to see why. The modern business world is hyper-competitive, and an increasingly demanding market forces you to be at your best. For this reason, your ability to negotiate is non-negotiable. Serious people will develop this essential skill through mediums such as negotiation courses. And those who are too lazy or indifferent to do so will be... Read more

transformational listening

The Power of Transformational Listening

You wouldn’t go backpacking for three weeks and expect to get to your destination safely without the necessary tools. You need a guide, a tent to sleep in, things to nourish you, etc. Conversations in negotiations are the same. You need to be equipped with the necessary tools to be successful. And according to Christine Miles, questions can interfere with listening, both for the listener and the teller. But asking... Read more

Can you negotiate without a relationship?

Can You Negotiate Without a Relationship?

Romina Muhametaj is a marketing, sales, and negotiation expert who firmly believes in the power of building relationships to propel one’s career forward. Negotiating without a relationship will only get you so far. She emphasizes that there are three types of sales: Apples, oranges, and coconuts. Which do you prefer? Apples, oranges, or coconuts? 10% of the population are early adopters. They buy because something is new and shiny but... Read more

Storytelling for Introverts

Storytelling for Introverts

A study done by Stanford found that people remember 22x more information when it’s embedded in a story. So when Matthew Pollard gives a presentation, he invites someone on the stage and asks them to remember three items: chairs, porridge, and their bed. Matthew asks them if they’ll remember those three things one year later. Most people say no. But occasionally, someone will say, “Of course I’ll remember. That’s Goldilocks and the Three... Read more

why stories are powerful in b2b sales

Why Stories are Powerful in B2B Sales

We often forget about the power of story in B2B sales. It’s because we disconnect the product or service from a person. We feel like we’re selling to a company. But no matter what company someone works for—their name is always on their card. But because we feel that disconnect, we avoid telling stories altogether. It’s a huge mistake. Why? Because stories are the language of the brain. We think... Read more

Only say it if you believe it

Only Say It If You Believe It

Mala Subramaniam is an Executive Coach, Speaker, and the author of “Beyond Wins: Eastern Mindset for Success in Daily Business Negotiations.” She’s also a proponent of the Eastern approach: Solution-oriented negotiation and problem-solving. To her, negotiation is an opportunity to build relationships while achieving business outcomes. Mala believes that when you’re negotiating, you should only argue for something that you believe in. It isn’t just about “winning” over someone else.... Read more

shift power in a negotiation

How to Shift Power in a Negotiation

Jack Schafer spent much of his career in counterintelligence in the FBI. But during his last seven years at the FBI, he worked in the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU), where they’d design interview strategies based on the vulnerabilities of someone’s personality. There are numerous psychological tactics that you can use in negotiations. Jack emphatically believes that whoever has power in the negotiation wins. It boils down to whoever gains the... Read more

Conflict Resolution Strategies for Workplace Disputes

5 Simple Conflict Resolution Strategies for Workplace Disputes

As an enterprise leader, conflicts are an unfortunate (and inescapable) part of life. Due to the vastly varied views and opinions of people, it’s inevitable that conflicts will occur periodically for you to manage. But the idea is not to avoid them; instead, you want to resolve them through effective communication. This essential skill can be learned and developed via conflict resolution training. At Negotiations Ninja, we are a team... Read more

navigating hidden redlines

Navigating “Hidden Redlines” During Contract Negotiations 

Nada Alnajafi has experience as an in-house counsel for both startups and large companies. She’s currently corporate counsel for Franklin Templeton. Nada recently launched a blog called “Contract Nerds,” where she seeks to be a resource and community for everyone who works with contracts (lawyers, procurement professionals, contract managers, etc.). Her goal is to bridge the gap between the type of education people receive and the work they have to do. Nada... Read more

create leverage with a narcissist

How to Create Leverage with a Narcissist

Rebecca Zung never planned to become a lawyer who specializes in negotiating with narcissists. Now, it’s her full-time gig. During the pandemic, she started posting on YouTube. Her videos have now been viewed over 20 million times. She’s sold thousands of copies worldwide of her course called “SLAY Your Negotiation with a Narcissist.” But how did she become specialized in narcissism? What led her to become a leading expert on... Read more