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Nn podcast banners 36 michelle tillis

Episode 36 – Michelle Tillis Lederman On Boosting Your Likability

SUMMARY Be curious, be authentic, and find similarities! Boost Your Likability! Because it pays to be likable. Especially in a negotiation! ​Michelle Tillis Lederman is one of Forbes Top 25 Networking Experts. We focus on one of her books: The 11 Laws of Likability. She has appeared on NBC, CBS, Fox, and NPR. She's been featured in the Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Working Mother, US News & World Report,...

Nn podcast banners 35 danny creed

Episode 35 – Danny Creed on Grassroots Negotiation

SUMMARY Danny Creed is a business coach, trainer, entrepreneur, best-selling author, and international keynote and workshop speaker. He is a recognized expert in sales, management, and start-up business strategic planning. Having been involved with 14 successful start-up businesses and over 400 business turnarounds, Coach Dan has a unique perspective of what he calls grass roots negotiations which about getting down to the nuts and bolts of negotiations.​ (more…)

Nn podcast banners 34 avery blank

Episode 34 – Avery Blank on the Power of Networking

SUMMARY Avery Blank is a lawyer and impact strategist. We talk about the power of networking and how to use negotiation skills in business networking. Hint, it's not just about you! It's about the other person. We cover some of the key principles in networking and how to effectively execute excellent networking. This is the 1st of 7 interviews that I did live in the speaker's room at  WIN Summit....

Nn podcast banners 33 herb cohen

Episode 33 – Herb Cohen On You Can Negotiate Anything

SUMMARY Herb Cohen, the best negotiator in the world, is on the Negotiations Ninja Podcast! Cohen is an expert negotiator and strategy consultant in commercial and crisis negotiations. He is also the author of two amazing books, including the New York Times bestseller You Can Negotiate Anything (the fifth bestselling audio book of all time). (more…)

Nn podcast banners 32 phil ideson

Episode 32 – Phil Ideson Ask “Why Do We Care About Savings?”

SUMMARY Phil Ideson, host of the Art of Procurement Podcast, has become a unique and powerful source of information for procurement professionals. He's also very quickly become one of my favorite people. Phil and I share a ton in common. We've both spent a career in procurement, we both run podcasts, we both have other businesses we are trying to build and we both speak funny. (more…)

Nn podcast banners 31 kevin frechette

Episode 31 – Kevin Frechette on Proofs of Concepts

SUMMARY Getting Kevin Frechette or Tarek Alaruri (the founders of FairMarkIT) to brag is difficult. They're humble guys. So I'll do it for them. FairMarkIT has changed the game of tailspend and capturing value from tailspend. They're shaking up the procurement world and I could not think of anyone better to have on the show to talk about proofs of concepts than Kevin or Tarek. (more…)

Nn podcast banners 30 carol sankar

Episode 30 – Carol Sankar On Confidence Factor in Negotiation

SUMMARY Carol Sankar is an international high level R&D business advisor, leadership consultant & real estate investment expert who focuses on professional growth strategies to support established leaders. Carol and I talk about confidence in negotiation and the lies that women tell themselves about their ability to negotiate. Carol was a speaker at WIN Summit and has been featured in numerous magazines, articles and conferences; including recent features in Forbes,...

Nn podcast banners 29 john barrows

Episode 29 – John Barrows On Closing and Negotiation

SUMMARY This episode is all about closing and negotiation, how to close and how not to close. And for that we need a closer, so that's why John Barrows is on the show! John provides sales training services to some of the world’s fastest growing companies, think Salesforce, Linkedin, DropBox, and many others. (more…)

Nn podcast banners 28 roger wong

Episode 28 – Roger Wong On Negotiation With Aging Parents

SUMMARY This one's a little different. Actually, it's very different. When I heard Dr. Roger Wong speak on Gerontology at TEDx Stanley Park in Vancouver and how to help our elderly loved ones gain more independence, I knew I needed to have him on the show. This show is all about how to have difficult home based conversations we often ignore, specifically when it comes time to having a conversation...

Nn podcast banners 27 matt dixon

Episode 27 – Matt Dixon On Insight Selling and Negotiation

SUMMARY Best-selling author, Matt Dixon changed the selling world when he co-authored the Challenger Sale. He holds a Ph.D. in political economy from the University of Pittsburgh and a BA with honors from Mount Saint Mary’s University in Emmitsburg, Md. Matt has also has co-authored two additional best-selling books, The Effortless Experience and The Challenger Customer. (more…)