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Episode 26 – Evan Hopkins on Franchise Sales and Trust

SUMMARY Evan Hopkins, former VP of Sales at 1-800-GOT-JUNK, comes on the show to talk about franchise sales, but more specifically to talk about how to develop trust so that we can have difficult conversations around under-performance. Evan speaks to a concept called 'radical candor'. Being candid is the only way to approach tough conversations. We also get into how to get referrals and how to condition the other party...

Nn podcast banners 25 kwame christian

Episode 25 – Kwame Christian On Negotiate Anything

SUMMARY Here it is! Finally! I've been waiting to air this episode for a long time! Kwame Christian is on the show today to speak about contracts, what to look for in contracts, and some things you really need to be aware of in contract negotiations. ​ He's a lawyer, host of the Negotiate Anything Podcast (great podcast!), and owns his own negotiation coaching and training business. We had so much...

Nn podcast banners 24 robbie kellman baxter

Episode 24 – Robbie Kellman Baxter on Negotiating in the Membership Economy

SUMMARY Robbie is the founder of Peninsula Strategies, a management consulting firm and the author of the The Membership Economy (top 5 Marketing Book of 2017). Her clients have included Netflix, the National Restaurant Association and The Mail Newspapers in the UK. (more…)

Nn podcast banners 23 bob sager

Episode 23 – Bob Sager on Self-Worth and Negotiation

SUMMARY If you ever get the opportunity to speak with Bob Sager, you're likely to never meet with a more positive person.  Bob and I get into the weeds on what a positive self-worth is and what it takes to develop a positive self-worth. Often in roles like sales or procurement we don't give much thought to the psychological game at play in our own heads. The correlation of high...

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Episode 22 – Josh Steimle on Influence and Negotiation

SUMMARY Josh Steimle is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur. He's written over 300 articles for publications like Fortune, Time, and Forbes, as well as TechCrunch and Entrepreneur. He's also the author of a book called "Chief Marketing Officers at Work", which contains 29 interviews with CMOs from organizations like GE, The Harvard Business School, Spotify, Target, and PayPal. He founded a company called Influencer, which is a publishing, training, and...

Nn podcast banners 21 raphael lapin

Episode 21 – Raphael Lapin on Dealing With Difficult People

SUMMARY A lot of us forget about is the cost of conflict, and the cost of not being able to manage conflict effectively. Raphael tells about the inner workings of conflict resolution, dispute resolution, and mediation and arbitration. We get deep into what it takes to manage conflict, how we should manage conflict, and what kind of mechanisms should we put in place so that we can manage conflict effectively...

Nn podcast banners 22 david hearn

Episode 20 – David Hearn on Procurement Leadership Negotiations

SUMMARY Sometimes we get so caught up in our external negotiations that we forget about what it's like to negotiate and create alignment internally within our organizations. David Hearn is known for creating alignment internally and explaining the need for good emotional intelligence, and the development of empathy to create that alignment. It's so, so important. but for whatever reason, we forget about it. So how do procurement leaders negotiate...

Nn podcast banners 20 phil ideson

Episode 19 – Phil Ideson on the Art of Procurement

SUMMARY Interviewing Phil Ideson was quite exciting for me because Phil was actually somewhat of an inspiration for me and part of the reason I started the Negotiations Ninja Podcast. If you're ever trying to find out information about procurement and what the trends are, where everyone's going, where technology is moving, latest processes and procedures, he is the guy that is going to get you that information on his Art...

Nn podcast banners 19 brent gleeson

Episode 18 – Brent Gleeson on Navy Seal Negotiations

SUMMARY It was both an honor and a privilege to have Brent Gleeson on the show. Brent is a Navy SEAL combat veteran with multiple tours to Iraq and Africa and other war torn areas. Upon leaving SEAL Team 5, Brent turned his discipline and battlefield lessons to the world of business and has become an accomplished entrepreneur, author, and acclaimed speaker on topics ranging from leadership and building high...

Nn podcast banners 18 doug sandler

Episode 17 – Doug Sandler on How Nice Guys Negotiate

SUMMARY Folks, Doug Sandler may be the nicest guy that I've ever had on this show, but I guess that kind of makes sense because he is the author of Nice Guys Finish First, and the host of the Nice Guy's on Business podcast. Being the son of the famous Dave Sandler of Sandler Selling Systems, Doug is no stranger to sales and sales systems, but has developed something completely...