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US Trade Negotiations with China, Throwback with Allan Tsang, Ep #288

Remember the tariffs that the US leveraged against China in 2018, launching the “Trade War?” The trade negotiations with China were a clash of world powers and a clash of cultures. As we’ve seen the results play out over the last few years, it’s intriguing to look back and see how Allan Tsang thought this situation would play out. Listen to this throwback for an interesting glimpse into the past!...


How to Ask for More Money the Right Way with Fotini Iconomopoulos, Ep #287

How do you ask for more money the right way? What phrases should you avoid in salary negotiations? How do you prove you’re “worth” what you’re asking for? How do you overcome imposter syndrome and act with confidence and decisiveness? Fotini Iconomopoulos breaks down the answers to these questions and simplifies the process so that anyone can negotiate their salary with ease. Don’t miss what she says in this episode...


So You Think You’re Unbiased? Think Again, Ep #286

Everyone strives to be unbiased, right? But the truth is that we all carry inherent biases. Those biases influence everything from our body language to the questions that we ask. While we can unlearn or completely remove those inherent biases, we can learn how to overcome the impact they make on our negotiations. In this throwback episode, Dan Lappin shares the most common biases people have to overcome—and how to...


Jack Barsky: A KGB Sleeper Agent’s Undercover Life, Ep #285

Jack Barsky—born Albrecht Dittrich—was a sleeper agent for the KGB, operating in the United States from 1978 to 1988. He was exposed after the Cold War, after which he became a resource for US counterintelligence agencies who allowed him to remain in the United States. What was life like as a sleeper agent? How did Jack employ persuasion and influence to gather intel for the KGB? What ultimately led him...


Jacqueline Twillie’s LATTE Negotiation Framework, Throwback Ep #284

Who runs the world? Women who negotiate. In this Negotiations Ninja throwback, Jacqueline Twillie shares why more women need to negotiate. She points out that women are inherently skilled at negotiation but too many don’t embrace their innate abilities. She’s made it her life’s mission to help women negotiate confidently so they don’t leave anything on the table. If you’re looking to build a foundation for your negotiation skills, she...


Brian Ahearn: Illustrating the Principles of Influence, Ep #283

Brian Ahearn’s first book, “Influence PEOPLE: Powerful Everyday Opportunities to Persuade that are Lasting and Ethical,” is a heavy psychology and business book. Brian points out that a lot of people won’t pick up a sales book, like his second book, “Persuasive Selling.” So he decided to try his hand at writing a business parable, “The Influencer.” He wanted to teach people the same principles of influence but do so...


How to Communicate Effectively in a Crisis per Marty Park, Ep #282

In this special episode of Negotiations Ninja, we look back at an episode with Marty Park where we talked about navigating the Covid-19 crisis. As we’re seemingly coming out on the other side of the pandemic, his perspective on navigating a crisis still rings true. Communication is still the key to guiding your employees and clients through difficult times. Hear Marty’s thoughts on the topic—give this throwback a listen! (more…)


Your Behavior is the Key to Winning the Deal According to Joe Valley, Ep #281

Joe Valley has built, bought, and sold over a half-dozen of his own companies. After selling his last eCommerce business, he joined the company that sold it—Quiet Light. Then Joe became a partner in the company. Since he’s joined, he’s personally sold $100 million in total transactions. Joe has seen deals fall apart—and other deals exceed all expectations—because of how people behave. What’s the secret to winning a deal when...


Master Your Anger with These Tips [Throwback with Svitlana Kalitsun] Ep #280

When you feel anger rising within you, what do you do? How do you keep your temper from flaring when you’re embroiled in a frustrating negotiation? As she launched her career, Svitlana Kalitsun quickly realized that lawyers don’t know how to negotiate (by no fault of their own). They’re not taught proper negotiation skills. Svitlana’s mission is to help change the way lawyers negotiate—including mastering their emotions. She shares some...


The Negotiation Mythbusters Tackle 3 Widely Held Beliefs, Ep #279

When a bad idea is enshrined in an industry, the foundation you build your strategy on is weak at best. That’s problematic, right? That’s why you NEED to start questioning conventional “wisdom.” It’s what Dan Oblinger and Allan Tsang have done for years. It’s also the premise of their new book, “Negotiation Mythbusters: Rethinking Everything You Know About Building Strong Agreements.” In their book, they dissect 30 commonly held negotiation...