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Barter Your Way to an Agreement, Throwback with Brian Gunia, Ep #418

What is the difference between bargaining and bartering? What mistakes do people make in the bartering process? Why does Brian Gunia view negotiation as bartering? In this throwback episode of Negotiations Ninja, Brian shares how bartering forces negotiators to think creatively to come up with solutions and ultimately land on agreements. (more…)

Nn 417 donald kelly

Donald Kelly’s LinkedIn Prospecting Process, Ep #417

Are salespeople doing prospecting all wrong? Are the days of cold-calling and emailing officially over? Is there a better way? Donald Kelly—also known as the “Sales Evangelist”—sure thinks so. He shares why leveraging LinkedIn in the prospecting process is the best route to take—and even shares how to do it—in this episode of Negotiations Ninja. (more…)


How to Make Negotiations Second Nature, Throwback with Julia Ewert, Ep #416

Negotiations can become second nature through diligent practice and honing of your skills. But what are the necessary skills you need to focus on? According to Julia Ewert, learning to ask open-ended questions is a great place to start. What other negotiation skills do you need to perfect? How can building skills help you in tense negotiations? Julia shares how negotiations can become second nature in this throwback episode of...

Chris Chabris

Nobody’s Fool with Chris Chabris, Ep #415

Why are people so easily misinformed or manipulated? In hindsight, it’s easy to question “How did that fool me?” But when you’re “in it” you don’t realize it. Why? Why are people taken in by things that are absurd? There are signs that we can learn to notice. Chris wrote “Nobody’s Fool” to answer what it is about our minds and how they work that makes us vulnerable. They aren’t...


When Taking Risks Transforms Your Career, Throwback with Patrick Tinney, Ep #414

How do you differentiate yourself as a salesperson? Patrick Tinney believes taking risks might be the key to being an above average salesperson. Patrick shares the unusual way he built up his risk tolerance—and how it shaped his entire career—in this throwback episode of Negotiations Ninja.  (more…)

Steve Benson negotiation coaches

Developing Internal Sales & Negotiation Coaches with Steve Benson, Ep #413 

How can sales managers help their teams be better negotiators? How can you develop internal coaches who can help their team members improve their sales and negotiation skills? Steve Benson—the Founder and CEO of Badger Maps—shares how you can empower your team to sharpen each other’s skills in this episode of Negotiations Ninja. (more…)


The Biggest Problem with Procurement Data, Throwback with Susan Walsh, Ep #412

According to Susan Walsh, “The quality of your data determines the quality of your negotiation.” Procurement professionals need a classification system in place to ensure that they’re not relying on dirty data. Your data needs to be consistent, organized, accurate, and trustworthy (COAT). If it isn’t, you’re likely costing your business money. Susan Walsh—i.e. The Classification Guru—shares the biggest problem with procurement data (and what to do about it) in...

Ryan Dunlap

Resolving Conflict Begins with Self-Awareness According to Ryan Dunlap, Ep #411

Self-confidence and self-control in conflict are difficult things to master. And you can’t resolve conflict with others until you learn to resolve conflict within yourself. This takes an incredible amount of self-awareness. In this episode of Negotiations Ninja, Ryan shares how you can learn to resolve conflict the right way by starting with knowing yourself. (more…)


Negotiating with Artificial Intelligence, Throwback with Martin Rand, Ep #410

In 2020, we had a conversation about how AI could positively impact negotiations. Now, three years later, artificial intelligence is front and center, seemingly in every corner of society. Martin Rand’s thoughts on the use of artificial intelligence in negotiation is more relevant than ever. Learn more about how you and your business can leverage AI in this throwback episode of Negotiations Ninja. (more…)

PIER Negotiation Framework

Paul Nadeau’s PIER Negotiation Framework, Ep #409 

Paul Nadeau is a former hostage negotiator, international peacekeeper, and interrogator. During this time, he learned a lot about how the human mind works. He’s taken his decades of experience and applied it to a negotiation framework that every negotiator can learn to implement in their work and lives. (more…)