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Intercultural negotiation with Eliane Karsaklian

Understanding Intercultural Negotiation with Eliane Karsaklian, Ep #325

As a child, Eliane Karsaklian learned to live in different cultures. Her parents didn’t explain cultural differences or what to expect each time they moved—she was simply thrown into it. After building 20 years of experience in the corporate world, she moved into academics and is currently a professor at the University of Illinois in Chicago. Eliane wrote an amazing book called “The Negotiation Process Before, During, and After You...


Why Planning Your Exit Should Be Step #1, Throwback with Erik Kostelnik, Ep #324

Picture this: You’ve got a great idea for a business that you’re excited about. Your business plan has been perfected and your focus is on securing money to get it off the ground. But have you started planning your exit? In this throwback edition of Negotiations Ninja, Erik Kostelnik—the founder and CEO of—shares why planning your exit should be part of planning your business. Don’t miss it! (more…)

Be willing to walk away with Ed Brodow

Ed Brodow’s Challenge: Be Willing to Walk Away, Ep #323

Are you willing to walk away from a negotiation? Would you push your chair back from the table and walk out the door? In Ed Brodow’s experience, most people “say” they’re willing to walk away, but when it comes down to it, they’re glued to their seats. They’re too scared to walk away. So in this episode of Negotiations Ninja, Ed shares how to overcome your inner negotiation and walk...


Nailing Down Your Prospect’s Desired Outcome, Throwback with Keenan, Ep #322

What is your prospect’s desired outcome? Where are they right now? According to Keenan—the best-selling author of Gap Selling—once you calculate the gap that needs to be crossed, you can help guide your prospect to their desired outcome. Sounds easier said than done, right? So in this episode of Negotiations Ninja, we are revisiting this special episode about bridging the gap with none other than Keenan. (more…)

Setting the foundation for the deal with carson heady

Setting the Foundation for the Deal with Carson Heady, Ep #321

Carson Heady is the best-selling author of “Salesman on Fire” and is recognized as the #1 Social Seller globally at Microsoft. He’s found success in every level of sales. On this episode of Negotiations Ninja, one of the most recognizable names in sales today shares what setting the foundation for the deal looks like. It starts with getting the right people “on the boat with you” and caring about the...


Emotional Commitments in Negotiation with Svitlana Kalitsun, Ep #320

Svitlana Kalitsun is a Ukrainian negotiation expert and lawyer who teaches people how to create trusting relationships to get better deals and more satisfying results. In this episode, we talk about how to handle politically divisive conflicts. In part, it comes by tying emotions to logical commitments. Listen to this episode for an interesting conversation about flexibility, adaptability, and emotional commitments in negotiation. Note: We’re recording this episode on 10/21/22....

Organizational Communication with Debra Roberts

Organizational Communication with Debra Roberts, Ep #319

What do you do if you feel like an employee isn’t listening to you? What do you do if they disagree with you? Conversation expert Debra Roberts believes that the impact of listening and creating trust through disagreements is key. Taking responsibility for your role as a leader is also imperative. So what should organizational communication look like? Learn more in this episode of Negotiations Ninja. (more…)


How Lawyers can Become Better Negotiators, Throwback with Dr. Claudia Winkler, Ep #318

Dr. Claudia Winkler has a Master of Law from Harvard Law and a Doctorate of Law (in European Union Law) from Johannes Kepler Universität Linz. She leverages her degrees and experience to help lawyers become better negotiators. She strives to help them hone their skills, manage their emotions, and negotiate effectively. She shares what that looks like in this throwback edition of the Negotiations Ninja podcast.  (more…)

Navigating Crisis Negotiations with Empathy

Navigating Crisis Negotiations with Empathy with Dr. Andy Young, Ep #317

How does crisis negotiation actually work? Dr. Andy Young has both trained and engaged in crisis negotiation for over 20 years. A common thread among these scenarios is the necessity of employing empathy for the counterparty regardless of what they’ve done. He explains why empathy in the face of crises is so impactful in this episode of Negotiations Ninja! (more…)


How to Rethink Your Approach to Negotiations (Throwback with Keld Jensen), Ep #316

Are you approaching negotiations from a rigid viewpoint? Are you applying a zero-sum mindset where there can only be one winner? In this throwback episode of Negotiations Ninja, Keld Jensen shares why it’s time to rethink your approach to negotiations—starting by rebuilding negotiation training. His outside-the-box approach will help you approach negotiation with a different lens, providing more value than you thought possible.