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Blending Eastern and Western Negotiation Styles with Mala Subramaniam, Throwback Ep #376

What are the main differences between Eastern and Western approaches to negotiation? If you approach a negotiation with an Eastern counterpart taking a Western mindset, what do you need to know to succeed? According to Mala Subramaniam, you have to take your different cultures into consideration. Learn the keys to blending Eastern and Western negotiation styles in this special throwback episode of Negotiations Ninja! (more…)

Conquer your fear of self-advocacy with Jamie Lee

Conquer Your Fear of Self-Advocacy with Jamie Lee, Ep #375

What is the mindset shift that needs to happen for you to embrace self-advocacy? Why is it important to nail down the value you’re providing and the future value of your contributions? How do you help them see your vision for future success? These are just a few of the questions Jamie Lee conquers in this episode of Negotiations Ninja. Jamie Lee is an executive coach for women who hate office politics...


3 Questions to Ask to Drive Value in Negotiation, Throwback with Stephen Kozicki, Ep #374

What do you need to do to drive value in negotiation? Stephen Kozicki has nailed down three questions you have to ask: What are we asking them to do? What risks are we asking them to take? What is the value we will deliver in this negotiation? The value we deliver has to be tangible, measurable, and tradeable. How do you make sure you’re hitting the mark? How do you...

Mastering mediation preparation

Mastering Mediation Preparation with Amy Mariani Ep #373

What should mediation preparation look like? How do you select the best mediator for your case? How do you make the most of a mandatory negotiation should you ever find yourself in that position? Amy Mariani—who practiced law for 20 years before transitioning into mediation—answers these questions and so much more in this episode of Negotiations Ninja. (more…)


How to Develop Cultural Awareness, Throwback with Mark Davis, Ep #372

According to Mark Davis, “Culture at its very nature is pervasive in all negotiation and, in fact, it should be a framework through which you can overcome these obstacles and they rise to the surface.”  Cultural awareness is key to any negotiation, even if it isn’t overtly across cultures. So how do you develop cultural awareness? How do you learn to adapt your perspective to take into account what’s important...


Negotiating with Germans, Austrians, and Swiss with Mihai Isman, Ep #371

Germany, Austria, and Switzerland are all countries that speak German. And though they speak the same language, each has a unique culture and negotiating style. The way they approach communication, formalities, aggressiveness, etc., varies significantly. Mihai Isman is an International Negotiator & Conflict Resolution Expert from Germany. In this episode of Negotiations Ninja, he compares and contrasts how the Germans, Austrians, and Swiss people negotiate. (more…)


The Dos and Don’ts of Written Negotiation, Throwback with Giuseppe Conti, Ep #370

Negotiating via email, text, social media, Zoom, or any other virtual way of communication is tricky, at best. A written conversation doesn’t allow for reading body language, tone of voice, etc. So when you can’t pick up the phone or meet in person, are you doomed to fail? Or do you just need to master a different skillset? Giuseppe Conti shares the dos and don’ts of negotiating via written communication...

The root of customer indecision with matt dixon

The Root of Customer Indecision per Matt Dixon, Ep #369

Why do customers decide not to do something? How can you overcome customer indecision? How do you move someone past “maybe” and “I’ll think about it” to saying “no,” or—even better—saying “yes?” Matt Dixon and his team studied 2.5 million recorded sales conversations. They found that 40–60% of all opportunities are lost to no decision. And these are opportunities where the customer goes through the entire sales process, which can take...


Dissecting Cyberterrorism Negotiation, Throwback with Cal Chrustie, Ep #368

Cyberterrorism is becoming prevalent. Highly intelligent criminals associated with cartels and sovereign nations like North Korea, China, Russia, etc. are mining for any data they can find. State actors take data and leverage it however they please, without conscience. That’s why cyberterrorism negotiation is becoming part of the negotiation conversation. Everyday businesses and even healthcare organizations need to be adequately prepared. Learn what that looks like in this throwback episode...

Negotiate with Goliaths with Christine McKay

How to Negotiate with Goliaths with Christine McKay, Ep #367

You’re a small organization about to enter a negotiation with a large company. You’re prepared to go in and sign the contract because simply doing business with them could be astronomical for your company. But just because you’re a small company doesn’t mean you can’t negotiate with Goliaths. In this episode of Negotiations Ninja, Christine McKay shares how you can strategically use contracts to negotiate better terms, even as a...