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Meltzer’s Guide To Negotiation, with David Meltzer, Ep #109

Wouldn’t it be great if you could receive a personal guide to negotiation from an experienced, wise negotiator who is proven to be successful? You'll get David Meltzer's guide to effective negotiation when you listen to this episode. (more…)


Detecting Deception In Negotiation with Dr. David Matsumoto, Ep #108

As we are all aware, every conversation, not to mention every negotiation, has much more going on under the surface than is easily seen by observers. Detecting deception, both manipulative and unconscious is part of what makes great negotiators outstanding. Dr. David Matsumoto specializes in understanding facial expression and trains negotiators, sales professionals, and leaders of all stripes how to notice and respond to the barely visible signals that often...


How To Create Value In Negotiations, Ep #107

One of the reasons I’m happy to have someone like Stephen Kozicki on the podcast is because he brings an entirely different perspective to the process of negotiation through his approach to discovering and creating value. Stephen takes a very data-based, provable approach that serves incredibly well because it removes egos from the process and demonstrates tangible outcomes that offers of lower price alone cannot overcome. Listen to hear Stephen’s...


Building An A.I. Powered Negotiation and Procurement Chain, with Kevin Frechette and Tarek Alaruri Ep #106

Procurement chains become increasingly complex the larger an organization becomes, which means that many gaps occur that cost the organization money rather than saving it. Valuable, cost-saving data is missed or lost, processes are elongated, and inefficiencies grow. A.I. and Machine Learning are tools that can be used to address these issues and many others. It’s up to us as the procurement professionals in our organizations to open our minds...


How The Negotiation Process Is Like Poker with Mike Caro, Ep #105  

The negotiations process can seem mysterious and difficult to those looking on from the outside, but Mike Caro says that it’s made up of the same principles and psychological dynamics that everyday life situations contain. Interestingly enough, Mike has developed that belief as one of the world’s foremost authorities on the game of Poker. It’s a tremendous offer to be able to present this conversation with Mike, who’s in seclusion...


Influencing Skills of a Suicide Hotline Volunteer and Sales Professional, with Shane Martin, Ep #104 

Everyone involved in sales, procurement, or negotiations of any type needs to develop the influencing skills that make them effective. We are all influencers in one way or another (for bad or good) and intentional focus on making those innate skills work for us can have great results. Shane Martin reached out to me because he has found that the same influencing skills he uses in his sales career are...


Overcoming Adversity And Kicking Ass, with Molly Bloom, Ep #103 

If you haven’t heard Molly Bloom’s story you’re missing an incredible lesson in overcoming adversity. You could say she made her own bed—and she’d agree with you. The legal trouble she got into bears it out as well. What did she get into hot water over? She was involved in organizing and managing high-stakes poker games for high-profile and high net worth individuals and she stepped over a legal line....


Tips For Negotiating Venture Capital Financing with Alex Yakubovich and Stan Garber, Ep #102  

Stan Garber and Alex Yakubovich have sought venture capital financing more than once and each time they’ve done it, the stakes have been higher. Their most recent round of investment for Scout RFP has drawn the attention of companies like Workday and Salesforce. That’s not only a huge boost of confidence for them but also a good sign of how effectively these two guys are at building the relationships that...


Negotiation Questions That Win And How To Use Them, Ep #101

There are few people I know who are as competent and smart about how the negotiation questions we use impact the way the conversation goes than Dan Oblinger. Dan’s experience as a hostage negotiator coupled with his drive to understand the impact of deep listening is at the root of this superpower. He’s a fount of nuanced knowledge and he shares it so generously during this conversation. (more…)


Applying Negotiating Power In Powerful Ways with Robert Greene, Ep #100

It’s an extreme pleasure to speak with a person as thoughtful and well-versed in topics pertinent to negotiation as Robert Greene. He’s a prolific author who’s penned works that inform and highlight the timeless principles behind great leadership, negotiation power, and influence. In this conversation, we discuss why power is not always built on bad motives, why using misdirection and masked intentions can be beneficial to negotiators, how predictability is...