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How to Navigate Indemnity Clauses, Throwback with Jeanette Nyden, Ep #386

What is an indemnity clause? Why do companies have indemnity clauses? What do contract professionals need to be aware of? Jeanette Nyden has spent the last 18+ years teaching people how to negotiate the word of complex contract negotiations. She shares how you can navigate indemnity clauses in this throwback episode of Negotiations Ninja!  (more…)

Mindset Shift Douglas Cole

The Mindset Shift Successful Salespeople Make with Douglas Cole, Ep #385

What do most sales books get wrong? What levers of influence are necessary to move people in your direction? What is the mindset shift required to move from novice to successful salesperson? These are all things that Douglas Cole covers in his newest book, “The Sales MBA,” and we’re lucky enough to discuss them in this episode of Negotiations Ninja. (more…)


Negotiating Labor Categories with Rich Hamm & Matt Smith, Ep #384  

What do you focus on when negotiating labor categories? People often leave money on the table because they prioritize convenience. But what they should really focus on is bringing in an industry insider that understands every component—including cost structure—so they can help you optimize costs.  Matt Smith and Rich Hamm take a deep dive into negotiating labor categories in this throwback episode of Negotiations Ninja!  (more…)

The power of Understanding with Christine Miles

The Power of Understanding with Christine Miles, Ep #383

What is it costing you to not listen? Over time, when you stop listening, it erodes your relationships. It might be at work, it might be at home, but it impacts every facet of your life. That’s why listening is at the heart of learning to resolve conflict. Conflict resolution isn’t always about agreement—it’s about alignment. You need to be able to respect each other’s viewpoints and decisions. And it’s...


The Interrogation Conversation is about Communication, Throwback with Michael Reddinton, Ep #382

Interrogations get a bad name but the truth is an interrogation conversation is about one thing: communication. How? You need to communicate effectively to compel someone to tell you the truth. So how do you master the interrogation conversation? Michael Reddington shares how you can get to the truth while building trust and rapport in this throwback episode of Negotiations Ninja!  (more…)

P3 Selling

Leverage P3 Selling to Improve B2B Sales Success with Greg Nutter, Ep #381

Why did Greg Nutter write “P3 Selling: The Essentials of B2B Sales Success?” What are the key concepts? How can they help B2B sellers be more successful? B2B sales are far different from B2C. So to be effective with B2B sales, you need to do things differently. Greg’s three-step process, when done correctly, can help you improve your sales success. Learn all the specifics in this episode of Negotiations Ninja....


Things to Avoid in Divorce Negotiations, Throwback with Rebecca Zung, Ep #380

Let’s say you’re navigating a tricky divorce. Tensions are high and there’s a lot at stake. You don’t want to make mistakes that could change the trajectory of your future. Rebecca Zung is a divorce attorney that helps people prepare for navigating tricky circumstances just like this. Rebecca shares a few things you should avoid in divorce negotiations: Giving away anything too early Assuming that the other side will win...

supplier relationships

Why Procurement Should Focus on Supplier Relationships with Dr. Charlotte de Brabandt, Ep #379

Dr. Charlotte de Brabandt has been in procurement for 14 years and worked in five different industries on three different continents. During this time, the world has undergone massive changes—and so has the world of procurement. The crises we’ve faced have led to a further reliance on technology to navigate supplier negotiations, but it’s also led to a shift in relationships. Procurement needs to move away from impersonal numbers-based negotiations...


Three Things that are Critical to Successful Negotiations, Throwback with Richard Ham, Ep #378

What three things are critical to successful negotiations? Richard Ham believes that you must do three things: Master the subject matter: You need all of the supporting details completely mastered before you enter a dispute or a negotiation. Prepare: If you’ve spent 30+ years in an industry, you still have to take the time to be prepared for every specific negotiation. Embrace Solidarity: Solidarity with your clients is critical. It is...

Selling with authentic persuasion

Selling with Authentic Persuasion with Jason Cutter, Ep #377

What is authentic persuasion? How do salespeople employ authentic persuasion to make sales and consistently meet their quota? What kind of mindset shift is required? Jason Cutter is a mindset and scalability expert who focuses on helping sales teams be more effective. In this episode of Negotiations Ninja, he tackles the concept of authentic persuasion to help you move past barriers and help more people. (more…)